Investing in the Health of your Workforce in 2021

Over 250,000 patients checked since 2004

OUR RECOMMENDATION - Preventative Healthcare Education

Each year Australian companies invest hugely in the health and wellbeing of their workforce. As we know in many cases this is the only healthcare many workers (especially male workers) access whether it be for financial reasons or in many cases ‘Doctors - I don’t need one I am fine’

We find a simple health check is of course excellent however, it is in many cases just ticking a box with little change to behaviour.


A health program which encompasses education alongside the health checks.

An annual program where Health is in front of the worker continually. This can be as simple as awareness promotion or include education alongside healthcheck and immunization programs or stand alone Education Sessions


Preventative healthcare is about preventing disease rather than treating disease. 

Educating workers in a simple five (5) step Preventative Health Care plan will encourage workers to take ownership of their health resulting in a healthier work force and importantly an increased ROI.

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1. Looking after ME I am Healthy –Lets make certain you are

2.RISK FACTORS: All disease has Risk Factors – Know your Own

Non Changeable

Family History

Early Life



Lifestyle –  Diet, Exercise, Weight, Alcohol, Smoking, Substance Use                    

Work/Life Balance


3. Understanding Early Warning signs – what to look for

4. Building a relationship with a Primary Healthcare Provider – General Practitioner Continuity of care is very important

5. Regular – Annual Heath Checks


February - Heart Awareness - Cardiac Disease the No 1 Cause of death in Australia 

March - Melanoma Awareness - Reduce the risks 1 person every 5  hours dies of Melanoma 

April - Melanoma Awareness - Influenza immunisation   

May - Melanoma Awareness - Influenza immunisation   

June - Bowel Cancer Awareness  - NO 2  in Cancers

July - Diabetes Awareness - Type 2 

August - Cancer Awareness  - the top 4   all have preventative health checks

September - Mental Health RUOK

October - Breast Cancer  and Women’s Health

November - Men’s Health – Prostate cancer – 1 in 4  men by the age 0f 70 

December - Summer Skin Cancer Protection 

SIN PATROL THE COMPANY: “Skin Patrol has been providing health and skin cancer services to the Australian Workplace nationally since 2004. One of the longest and experienced workplace health providers in Australia our aim is to increase awareness of disease thereby helping to MINIMISE early onset of chronic disease and early morbidity.

We understand the financial constraints on businesses and as a result have built a program which is fully interchangeable and allows businesses big and small to package their own program

I would like to thank of our clients and we look forward to a continued working relationship”

Marion Patrick FAAPM


Skin Patrol

SIN PATROL - the 1st teledermatology workplace program in Australia – developed by Dermatologists for the early diagnosis of Melanoma and non melanoma skin cancers. A private on-site medical practice providing a program which provides not only the expertise of the examining doctor on the day but also the expertise of a Specialist Dermatolgist reviewing the lesion images and giving his specialised opinion on provisional diagnosis and recommended follow-up.


  • Skin Cancer and Education Clinic  - Onsite and Voucher Program
  • Health Clinics – Blood pressure, Cholesterol and blood glucose, BMI, Vision testing,  K10 Mental Health
  • I am Skin Cancer – Education tools for Skin Cancer 
  • Education Seminars – Skin Cancer Awareness, Cardiac Disease, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Bowel Cancer, Healthy Minds
  • Influenza Vaccinations Onsite and Voucher Program

Building partnerships over the years to provide not only the expertise of our own Doctors and Dermatologists but with other specialised providers.

FIRST CHECK - A personal smart skin imaging device. The dyplens® is a specialised skin imaging lens enabling you to take highly-magnified skin photos through your smartphone to send to your chosen doctor. Capture micro and subsurface detail  - An Option for the whole family

The Healthy Minds Program is the world's first psychological skills program demonstrated to prevent the onset of symptoms of depression and anxiety while also reducing risk for eating disorders. It teaches the specific skills associated with emotional wellness and resilience. Our corporate workshops, including our flagship ‘7 Secrets to a Healthy Mind’, are recommended by over 97% of participants


Corporate Bowel Cancer Education and Testing

Bowel Cancer is not a topic people like to discuss however, it is the 2nd most common Cancer in Australia.    Jodi Lee Foundation’s mission is to empower people to take active steps to prevent bowel cancer and live healthy lives.  When detected early 99% of Bowel cancer is treatable.


  • A Family history of Melanoma
  • Fair or Pale skin
  • Red Hair
  • A large number of moles
  • A history of Sunburn as a child


  • Continued sun exposure as an adult