Blue Cube Systems

Supplier of real-time, in-line instrumentation for mineral processing

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Blue Cube Systems designs, manufactures, distributes and supports a range of analysers for the measurement of composition in dry, solution and slurry process streams. 

Based in Stellenbosch, in the Western Cape, Blue Cube Systems has recently worked on the Elandsfontein phosphate plant, on the west coast of South Africa, awarded to multidisciplinary engineering company DRA in 2015 and ASX-listed diversified miner and explorer IGO’s copper nickel plant, in Western Australia.

The privately owned technology company highlights that its Blue Cube MQi product product range includes models suitable for slurry, solutions and free-flowing mineral sands. Blue Cube measures applications like flotation operations, wet or dry magnetic separation, electrostatic separation, gravity separation and leach operations.

“We measure directly in the stream, which eliminates sample transport systems and possible associated inaccuracies and delays,” states the company, which was established in 2001.

The Blue Cube TempoTrack Froth Camera is installed above a flotation cell and can be used together with the MQi Slurry Analyser, or independently, for real-time optimisation of flotation processes.

Blue Cube MQi equipment contains no hazardous components like X-ray generators or radiation sources. Therefore, there are no licensing requirements nor is there the need to appoint responsible-person procedures.  CAN NOT APPOINT PROCEDURES

“The build quality for all the products are robust and can handle the harsh conditions of a minerals separation plant. Output for the Blue Cube MQi products is through digital data channels and is updated at 15-second intervals. Therefore, process trends can be closely followed, satisfying the Nyquist norm for effective process control,” says Blue Cube Systems.

Employing 27 staff members, the company conducts research, development, design and assembly of its products in-house, while major steel and structural components, such as spool sections, are subcontracted.

Blue Cube Systems provides full warrantee, support and calibration services for its products worldwide.
Tel: +27 21 880 1036
Fax: +27 21 880 0688​​​​​​​