Don’t let downtime cost you

Improve operational efficiencies.

The GIW® Minerals MDX pump tackles the most extreme duty conditions at the heart of the mill circuit. Efficient pump operation in aggressive wear applications is only possible through precise weekly nose gap adjustments.

The manual adjustment process can take 3-4 hours per pump, resulting in higher maintenance costs. By adding the Remotely Adjusted Mechanical Suction Liner (RAMSL) technology to the MDX pump, GIW reduced the maintenance time to just one minute per pump!

GIW Industries (A KSB Company)  

Automated pump maintenance?

Yes, it’s possible.

Rely on GIW’s RAMSL technology

Extend your pump’s wear life.

Minera Escondida reached out to GIW and asked for an automated solution for nose gap adjustments. The manual process took three or four hours per pump. And because these adjustments must be made often, it resulted in higher maintenance costs.

The company requested controls that could be managed from a remote device that would perform adjustments quickly and safely, as well as increase efficiency. GIW worked in partnership with the customer to pilot the RAMSL solution and test it in the field after extensive lab trials. The product enhancement reduced the time from three to four hours to just one minute per pump. Now Minera Escondida is able to adjust all of their pumps in less than an hour. This enables them to increase the amount of adjustments which improves the overall efficiency of the operation and reduces costs.

The RAMSL was based on a mechanical component design which provides a more robust product with easy maintenance features and high operation reliability. The user interface serves as a control panel for the operation of the unit and an output source for critical data taken from the pump.

With humble beginnings as a research and development project, the RAMSL technology carries two primary benefits: ease of maintenance and more efficient use of time and resources.

GIW Industries (A KSB Company)