Share Collective empowers you to value a Junior Mining Company in minutes

about the platform

Designed as a kind of ‘collaborative truth machine’ for project evaluation, the platform is perfectly suited to mining company executives, investment brokers and stock analysts. It permits rapid data-driven evaluations to be created and shared privately with your team, or publicly - if you wish to promote a particular evaluation scenario. Users can even decide to keep evaluations private only to themselves, gaining a unique competitive edge through expert analysis.

Share Collective’s evaluation model is both comprehensive and visual, allowing you to view projects from a variety of angles and scenarios. Conducting project sensitivity analysis has never been simpler.

In addition, each subscribing company gains access to Share Collective’s team of mining professionals, who will work hand-in-hand with them to create accurate evaluations.

Share Collective is the brain-child of highly experienced mining executives, researcher analysts and technical specialists. The company’s core purpose is to help stakeholders determine which mining projects have significant potential (or none at all), in an effort to reduce the smoke and mirrors pervasive to the mining industry.

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