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Fuel management, reconciliation and emissions tracking are at the core of Veridapt’s AdaptFMS platform

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Veridapt is committed to bridging the physical with the digital to provide maximum benefits and cost savings to the mining sector.  We have been leading the digital revolution in energy monitoring and inventory reconciliation for two decades.

Our real-time technology is recognised for delivering unprecedented measurement and visibility of energy, ag and metal commodities in silos, tanks or stockpiles through its unique IoT platform.

Veridapt’s proprietary AdaptFMS platform monitors, controls and authorises over 6 billion litres of fuel and lubricants annually across 80-plus large mining and rail operations worldwide. Clients include BHP, Rio Tinto, Glencore, Vale, Teck, Aurizon and many others.

There is broad recognition that “old economy” minerals remain critical to the global energy transition, bringing new demands for productivity to the extractive industry, along with the need to greater track emissions to meet internal pledges to decarbonise.

Every step of the fuel chain reconciled

That’s why Veridapt also offers emissions reporting that provides visibility and transparency of CO2 emissions down to each fuel-consuming asset.  The technology is driven by technical innovation and user feedback. New features addressing shifts, for example, to biofuels, are under constant development.

The AdaptFMS platform records every step of the fuel chain from delivery to consumption. This leads to more efficient fleets, streamlining overall operations and reducing fuel consumption. Reliable data and accurate reconciliation within suitable error limits are consistently achieved through checks and processes that guarantee only correct data enters the system.

An additional layer of accountability requires user authorisation at the dispensing or delivery point, which is reported as part of individual transaction records. Users monitor storage levels and transaction records, as well as alarms and errors.

Hardware built for extreme conditions

Veridapt’s rugged hardware integrates with hydrocarbon infrastructure on site to monitor and control the flow of fuel and oil. Each fuel consuming asset is monitored 24/7 for consumption and performance. Any anomalies are immediately identified and brought to the attention of authorised personnel.

It’s user-friendly touchscreen interface allows automated workflow and customisation, and integration with PLCs. The AdaptMAC enables operators to capture information, such as reporting of faults or recording odometer readings and engine hours.

Modern software at the edge and in the cloud

AdaptFMS provides mining, rail and fuel enterprises with comprehensive hydrocarbon management by monitoring and controlling deliveries, transfers, storage and dispensing from a central web application, AdaptIQ.

AdaptIQ automatically raises instant alerts and alarms whenever unauthorised changes in inventory are detected, reducing reliance on manual inspections. On-site theft and fraud is minimised.

AdaptIQ maximises internal/external collaboration and workflow automation capabilities to streamline fuel and emissions processes. The solution also integrates easily with leading ERP systems.

Veridapt’s digital bulk commodity verification solutions were named Commodities Technology of the Year by 2021 & 2022 in recognition of Veridapt’s ground-breaking approach to carbons emissions tracking and providing 24/7 visibility across entire supply chains to combat theft and fraud.

Veridapt is backed by Macquarie Group, a diversified financial group providing clients with asset management and finance, banking, advisory and risk and capital solutions across commodities, debt and equity.  Macquarie invested in Veridapt in 2018 to advance technology in energy, environmental solutions and commodity trade finance.

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