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Energy Storage as a service

In today’s fast-evolving energy landscape, long-term commitments may lead to stranded assets and tied-up capital – especially with relatively new technology like battery storage.

That’s why many energy users opt for a risk-free, 100-percent reliable solution: Energy-Storage as-a-Service lets you address your immediate storage requirements and tap into revenue opportunities in fast-evolving markets – without long-term capital commitment.

It can provide maximum flexibility when market conditions shift, such as when regulations change or ancillary service pricing fluctuates. We take full responsibility for your system design, installation, performance and maintenance.

Rental agreements can range from a few months to years and are based on a fixed monthly or annual fee. Contract terms and system capabilities can also be easily adapted to fit changing business needs.

Flexible Contract 

Our contracts start with rental periods as short as six months and are based on a regular monthly or annual fee. Terms can be easily adapted to fit your business needs or changing market conditions.

Risk Free

At no upfront cost and for a competitive rental fee, we guarantee that our batteries deliver 24/7 reliability and 100% peace of mind: O&M services, remote monitoring and performance guarantees are all included. If the value you gain from our battery fails to meet your expectations, give us a call and we’ll pick it up.

Maximised value

Multitasking is no problem for our smart storage software. It manages different applications simultaneously, allowing you to stack multiple revenue streams for better returns.

Introducing the Y.Cube, our modular and scalable Energy Storage System

The Y.Cube is a ready-to-install energy storage system, comprised entirely inside a single standard 20 ft container. The Y.Cube can be delivered and deployed almost anywhere. Single units can be easily combined to deliver the power and energy capacity required for your business.

The system can cover a variety of applications from 1 MW up to multi-MW power output and is available as power and energy version. Contact us today to discuss possible energy storage applications for your operations.

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