In this issue

Following the recent Australian elections, we take a look at how Scott Morrison’s re-election will influence the mining sector, and how the mining sector itself has become a divisive election issue in a world increasingly fighting the climate emergency. We also ask the new administration five questions on issues that will have an impact on the continued success of the industry.

Also in this issue, we ask BHP how it has become the world’s most valuable mining brand, and take a look at mining developments in Queensland, one of the best mining regions in the world where a controversial A$1bn coal mine has just been approved.

Further afield, India offers a huge opportunity for Australian miners, but one that is yet to be really taken advantage of. We take a look at the country's potential and what is holding back progress.

Finally, we look back on the life of Sir Arvi Parbo, a titan of the Australian mining industry who passed away in May.

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Molly Lempriereeditor