Oscillating Mount

Reduces vibrations through low natural frequency

Under 2 Hz natural frequency

Reliable service life

Safety, stability and silence

Increased throughput

ROSTA Oscillating Mounts ensure long and efficient performance, combined with maximum level of vibration isolation in heavy-duty screens and feeders

ROSTA AB-LF Mounts ready for a retrofit
(performance at 1.8 Hz natural frequency)

Key Features

Under 2 Hz natural frequency

Exceptionally low natural frequencies of ROSTA oscillating mounts (often below 2Hz) guarantee a maximum level of vibration isolation and substantial reduction of dynamic loads to the sub-structure. There is no need for a continuous power supply, often required by other products.

Reliable service life

ROSTA technology features a very high quality of rubber which is fabricated in our Swiss factory. Specially assembled Oscillating Mounts are built to last and provide many years of reliable performance. An accurate service life can be easily estimated, depending on frequency, amplitude, and ambient factors.

Safety, stability and silence

The inherent damping of ROSTA elements ensures a high degree of control through resonance (start & stop), eliminating the need for additional safety and steadiness features. Stability of ROSTA Mounts makes them the best choice for hanging and mobile applications, where safety and reliability are paramount. High quality of ROSTA Oscillating Mounts guarantees no steel-to-steel contact, resulting in silent performance and corrosion resistance.

Increased throughput

The unique ‘catapult’ design of ROSTA Oscillating Mounts eliminates losses of material acceleration, improving flow efficiency and the overall throughput.

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Mining solutions

Vibration control

ROSTA Oscillating Mounts in mobile equipment

ROSTA AB-HD elements in action

Compact ROSTA AB-D type mounts

ROSTA HS mounts on a hanging screen