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Tasmania has more than a century of mining history producing copper, lead, zinc, tin and other metals to the value of $1.82bn in 2016/17. Nevertheless, little exploration and few new projects have seen decades of decline and questions about the island’s mining future. So where does mining have left to go in Tasmania?

We also catch up with developments at each of Australia’s biggest mines to find out how they operate, find out how the Northern Australia Infrastructure Fund is helping mining projects, including the Pilgangoora lithium-tantalum mine, get off the ground, and consider whether drones are the future of underground mapping technology.

Finally, we find out more about the University of South Australia’s Project Live-MM, which aims to attract future talent to mining, and speak to 3D printer manufacturer Aurora Labs about its plans to help remote mining projects by simply printing replacement parts for broken machinery.

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Katie Woodward, editor