Minimizing Downtime. 

Protect your hydraulic cylinders

from abrasive wear and premature

failure with Seal Saver. 

Extend the Life of Your

Equipment up to 3x Longer

Seal Saver designs custom-fitted protective boots to keep your hydraulic equipment running efficiently in tough mining conditions.

Minimize Rod Scoring
Protect Cylinder Seals
No Disassembly Required


High Strength Material

Seal Saver uses durable, lightweight, and flexible material that covers the entire cylinder when fully extended. Each protective boot is resistant to debris, minerals and abrasions.

Choose from four available material options for your mining equipment needs including Kevlar and Ballistic Nylon.


Resistant to
chemicals and acids.

Ballistic Nylon

Resistant to water, oil,
sunlight and abrasions.

Quick, Easy


All you need is a screwdriver and 10 minutes to install a Seal Saver hydraulic cylinder cover. Watch our installation video to see how easy it is. 

Ready to Protect 
Your Investment?

Each Seal Saver is specifically designed to fit your cylinder. Request a quote or get additional information by calling 770.509.5833 or visiting