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CorProfit’s knowledge of how to implement successful ERM is leading the world through strategic consultancy, methodology and innovative technology solutions.

The one-size-fits-all approach to Risk Management is ineffective; rather, CorProfit knows how to set Risk Management in the right context for each mining operation.

CorProfit’s proven expertise is in the design and implementation of the Risk Management Framework that adds value and achieves corporate objectives.

Managing change over time is a fundamental ERM success, targeting the maturity level being aimed for, starting in simple ways and increasing sophistication when the time is right.

CorProfit has indicators that show how your risk practices change during different stages of maturity, i.e. from awareness, to developing, to established to finally being mature.

ERM in the Mining Industry

We cut to the chase, providing you with the results of Risk Analysis to help you effectively and proactively manage risks.

The collation of risks data cascades through the Risk Process and shows the risks that need most attention and controls that are the best value to manage risks.

This in turn gives an aggregated measure on the level of risk in different areas of your company, such as Business Plans, Departments, Projects and Assets.

Our client, KJO (Al-Khafji Joint Operations) owned by the Saudi Arabian and Kuwait Governments says, CorProfit’s expertise made it compelling to award a major consultancy for CorProfit to provide an independent review of KJO’s ERM Framework, Procedures, Reporting and Risk System.

KJO Top Management is committed to driving the ERM Roadmap that has been approved for implementation.

CorProfit will lead the implementation, involving 11 Risk Programs such as Business Risks, Safety & Environmental Risks, Project Risks and Insurance.


CorProfit differentiates by also being technically literate, providing advice on the application of technology that is practical, cost effective, intuitive and easy to use in your organisation.

We support KnowRisk, the most user-friendly, yet powerful software giving best results for managing ERM implementation.


  • Strategic Risk Management Consultancy
  • Risk “Roadmap”
  • Implementation services
  • Monitoring and peer reviews
  • Risk Management Training Programs


  • KnowRisk® Modules for ERM
  • Dashboard Reports
  • Notifications & Workflow

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