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Leading surface equipment suppliers by share of fleet

This month our power industry key list brings you the 10 largest surface equipment suppliers by share of fleet, as ranked by GlobalData's Mining Intelligence Centre. All numbers as of May 2020.

Company nameShare of fleet (%, 2019)Headquarters locationNumber of employees
Caterpillar Inc43US104,000
Komatsu Ltd18Japan59,632
AB Volvo9Sweden105,175
BEML Ltd5India7,185
Hitachi Machinery Construction Co., Ltd.4Japan24,591
Atlas Copco AB3Sweden38,418
Scania AB2Sweden38,418
Liebherr-International AG2Switzerland46,169
Sandvik AB1Sweden41,292


This material is provided for information purposes only and is not intended as a recommendation or an offer involving any financial instrument or trading strategy.

CommoditiesLatest (30/04/2020)Past month value% change on one month% change in a year
Energy related commodities

Crude oil, Brent (US$/bbl)23.3432.98-29.23-67.22
Crude oil, WTI (US$/bbl)16.5229.88-44.71-74.13
Crude oil, Dubai (US$/bbl)23.2733.75-31.05-67.07
Natural gas, US (US$/mmbtu)1.741.79-3.02-34.29
Natural gas, Europe (US$/mmbtu)2.122.72-22.01-56.92
Liquefied natural gas, Japan (US$/mmbtu)10.2110.210.00-0.51
Coal, Australian (US$/mt)58.5566.74-12.27-32.52
Coal, South African (US$/mt)56.5867.89-16.66-21.95
Minerals and metals

Aluminum  (US$/mt)1,459.931,610.89-9.37-20.89
Iron ore, cfr spot (US$/dmtu)84.7388.99-4.79-9.57
Copper  (US$/mt)5,057.975,182.63-2.41-21.44
Lead  (US$/mt)1,657.551,734.44-4.43-14.51
Tin  (US$/mt)14,952.8015,290.91-2.21-27.43
Nickel  (US$/mt)11,804.0111,846.23-0.36-7.58
Zinc  (US$/mt)1,903.371,903.63-0.01-35.10
Gold  (U$/oz.)1,683.171,591.935.7330.89
Platinum  (U$/oz.)753.86759.00-0.68-15.04
Silver  (U$/oz.)15.0714.881.220.07

Source: Data compiled by GlobalData sourcing from commodities exchanges and the World Bank

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