Simoco Wireless Solutions have been providing mission critical communications to the mining industry across Australia over many decades

Reliable and scalable mission critical communications are essential for efficient mining. At Simoco Wireless Solutions we put communications at the heart of your strategy to ensure productive operations in remote and underground mining environments. We work with some of Australia’s biggest mining organisations in which our solutions withstand some of the harshest possible conditions and provide reliable and safe links for their workforces.

Our extensive experience in mining, combined with the latest industry expertise and conformance of our solutions developed to leading industry standards, we understand how to bring together new, smart technologies to work reliably, securely and effectively using existing capabilities across professional Narrowband, Broadband & LTE.

By enabling our customers to monitor and control critical infrastructure in the Mining process, we are able to reduce outages, accidents, down-time and overall operating costs.

We design, build and deliver a broad range of the latest in digital technology, giving mining organisations access to improved processes, better security and risk management for large scale operations. Our innovative solutions provide enhanced functionality which facilitates higher productivity, lower operational costs and improved worker safety.

These solutions include:

  • Noise Monitors
  • Blast Alarms
  • Wireless Transportable Radio PA systems
  • Call Boxes complete with Radio Intercom
  • Remotely triggered Voice Announcements
  • Live weather warnings – Lightening imminent
  • Environmental monitoring – Dust alerts
  • Audio Interface Units

  • Modularised Repeater Stations

  • Containerised Communications Stations’

  • Customised heavy haul locomotive communications systems

  • Remote pole mounted solar powered radio kits

  • Auto channel change based on GPS location

  • Customised hands-free radio operator solution

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