Improving Workforce Safety During Caterpillar Haul Truck Operations in the Americas

Caterpillar haul trucks are often plagued with challenges in dealing with the difficulty of extracting seized ball studs from their steering assemblies. These critical components often become seized in position due to fretting corrosion and moisture ingress typical of harsh operating conditions, resulting in increased downtime and maintenance costs while also posing significant safety risks during removal.

Afer being approached by Fortescue Metals Group (FMG), an Australian Iron Ore miner, Geographe responded by developing the Ball Stud Removal Tool (BSRT). The BSRT significantly simplifies the maintenance process, improving safety measures, and addressing a significant concern among maintenance crews of mining companies across North and South America.

Manufactured from a forged high-tensile alloy, and subjected to rigorous heat treatment, the BSRT ensures durability and reliability in high-stress environments.

Key Benefits of the Geographe BSRT

With over 100 Ball Stud Removal Tools distributed across North & South America, Africa, Australia, Southeast Asia and New Zealand, to companies like BHP, Rio Tinto, Newcrest, Thiess Mongolia, Vale, Newmont, US Steel, Drummond, Burgundy Diamond Mines, Suncor, and Peabody, Geographe’s customers have saved countless labour hours, reduced downtime, and most importantly, provided significantly safer working practices for their maintenance teams.

Improved Safety

Geographe's BSRT eliminates the need for hammering, jacking, tray/bed/bucket bouncing, heating, and thermal lancing, improving safety conditions for maintenance teams.

Enhanced Efficiency

With over 90% reduction in time and effort required to remove ball studs, Geographe's BSRT enhances productivity by minimizing downtime and improving operational efficiency.


Designed to fit various Caterpillar haul trucks including the 785, 789, and 793 (with or without Extended Life Brake Packs). Due to high demand from customers, a BSRT for CAT 777 trucks is also in production.

Convenient Handling

Geographe's BSRT is lightweight, meaning it can be set up and operated by just one person, and is portable enough that your teams can repair ball studs in the field. Its ease of use enhances workflow and reduces the manpower required for maintenance tasks.

Catch Geographe's Senior Vice President of Sales & Business Development at this Year's PDAC

The expansion of Specialized Tooling into the Americas is led by Geographe's Senior Vice President of Sales & Business Development, Andrew Lindsay. Andrew will be attending this year’s PDAC convention and will be available to discuss how the BSRT can address critical maintenance challenges and enhance your maintenance practices on your mine sites!

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