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Innovation at work: PROK’s Vision for Next-Generation Conveyor Equipment

An interview with PROK Global Product Manager, Ray Anderson. 

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PROK, the benchmark in conveyor equipment technology, are not just engineers; they're optimizers, dedicated to fine-tuning every aspect of the conveyor experience. With a philosophy rooted in partnership, attention to detail, and continuous improvement, PROK is committed to delivering world-class solutions that exceed expectations. 

From their belief in working shoulder-to-shoulder with customers as partners to their relentless pursuit of innovation and sustainability, PROK sets itself apart through its unwavering commitment to quality leadership and customer satisfaction. Join us in this Q&A, as we delve into PROK's journey of accelerating mining globally, their dedication to engineering excellence, and their vision for a future where energy conservation and community engagement are paramount. 

We've noticed PROK has a new tagline - 'Innovation at work'. What does that tagline mean for PROK?

PROK's new tagline, "Innovation at work," encapsulates our steadfast commitment to our customers success and our forward-looking approach to the future of conveyor technology. 

"Innovation at work" underscores our commitment to providing solutions that actively contribute to the success of our customers. We understand the evolving needs of industries relying on conveyor systems and strive to continuously innovate to meet and exceed those requirements.

Could you provide examples of how PROK's commitment to innovation has positively impacted its customers and the industry? 

PROK's continuous exploration of advanced materials, such as high-performance polymers and composites, has resulted in conveyor idlers with superior strength and wear resistance.  

Customers benefit from extended component lifespans, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. 

Built on Legacy

PROK has seemed to go from strength to strength over the last 5 years especially, what can you tell us about the evolution of PROK during that time?

PROK has strategically expanded its global footprint, establishing new manufacturing facilities and refurbishment centres in key regions, with a focus on customer proximity. This expansion not only ensures faster delivery to customers but also strengthens PROK's presence in emerging and established markets. The company has solidified its position as a global leader in conveyor components through increased market share and brand recognition.

Over the past 5 years, PROK has significantly invested in research and development both in manufacturing automation and materials engineering, leading to the introduction of several innovative conveyor components. This includes the incorporation of advanced materials, such as nanocomposites and high-performance polymers, to enhance wear resistance and overall durability. Smart technologies like PROKoMON temperature sensors a IoT-enabled devices have been integrated into products to provide real-time monitoring and data-driven insights. 

In terms of innovation, can you discuss the impact and/or milestones the business has achieved within the conveyor equipment and mining industry? 

PROK has successfully introduced several innovative conveyor products to the Market, from conveyor components made from advanced materials, such as PROK HDPE produce using abrasion-resistant polymers and high-strength composites. These components exhibit superior wear resistance, reducing the need for frequent replacements and significantly lowering maintenance costs for mining operations. 

In response to the increasing need for conveyor pulley reliability PROK has launched Globally through multiple operations the Pulley Acceptance Testing systems. Enabling real time data collection of the pulley’s vibration frequencies under load prior to customer acceptance, ensuring the highest quality of conveyor pulley globally.

Creating endless possibilities

What specific innovations or technological advancements has PROK introduced in its conveyor equipment solutions to fulfill its promise of "Innovation at work"? 

PROK has introduced intelligent sensors and monitoring systems embedded within its conveyor idlers. These systems provide real-time data on critical parameters such as temperature. The data is accessible through a user-friendly interface, enabling proactive maintenance and minimizing unplanned downtime. 

In pursuit of longer component lifespan and reduced maintenance costs, PROK has developed conveyor idlers using advanced nanocomposite materials. These materials exhibit exceptional wear resistance, ensuring extended service life in harsh mining and industrial environments. 
PROK recently manufactured 48 metric tonne Gearless Drive Pulleys. How do these pulleys, being the largest of their kind manufactured in Australia to date, represent PROK's commitment to pushing the boundaries of conveyor equipment manufacturing? 

Manufacturing the largest pulleys in Australia requires advanced engineering capabilities. PROK's achievement demonstrates the company's expertise in high-capacity pulleys that exceed industry standards. The engineering prowess showcased in this accomplishment reinforces PROK's commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions.

Large pulleys are often integral components in conveyor systems handling bulk materials over long distances. PROK's manufacturing of the largest pulleys signifies the company's capability to support industries involved in bulk materials handling, where efficient and reliable conveyor systems are crucial for productivity and profitability. 

Manufacturing the largest pulleys in Australia to date elevates PROK's profile on a global scale. This accomplishment positions the company as a leader in the conveyor equipment manufacturing industry, contributing to its competitiveness and recognition among global players in the field.

These 2 48 metric tonne pulleys are the largest ever manufactured in Australia and are headed to a large overland conveyor in Indonesia. 

Can you provide insights into the key technologies or design elements that enable PROK to manufacture such large and groundbreaking conveyor equipment components? 

FEA and simulation tools are essential for optimizing the design of large conveyor components. By subjecting virtual models to real-world conditions, manufacturers can analyse stress distribution, identify potential weaknesses, and optimize the design for maximum performance and longevity. 

Advanced welding techniques, such as robotic welding or friction welding of composites, contribute to the strength and durability of large conveyor components. Friction welding composite idlers ensures the integrity of joints, minimizing the risk of failure in high-stress areas.


PROK introduced the world's first and only composite roller with visual wear indicators. How did this innovation come about?

The development of the world's first and only composite roller with visual wear indicators demonstrates PROK's pioneering spirit. By introducing a technology that has not been seen in the industry before, PROK establishes itself as an innovator, pushing the boundaries of conventional conveyor component design. 

Visual wear indicators directly address a common concern for conveyor system operators—determining the condition of rollers in real-time. PROK's innovation reflects a customer-centric approach by providing a solution that enhances maintenance efficiency and reduces downtime through visual cues that indicate when roller replacement or maintenance is required. 

The introduction of visual wear indicators enhances the safety and reliability of conveyor systems. By providing a clear visual signal when a roller is approaching the end of its lifecycle, PROK helps prevent potential issues associated with worn-out rollers, reducing the risk of unexpected failures and ensuring the continuous and safe operation of conveyor systems. 

Global Growth

Can you share the key drivers and strategies behind PROK's global expansion since 2017 and the significance of having facilities in mining locations worldwide?

Establishing facilities in close proximity to customers, especially in mining regions, enables companies to provide better service and support. It enhances responsiveness to customer needs, reduces lead times, and fosters stronger relationships with local clients. 

Global expansion facilitates the transfer of technologies and innovation from one region to another. Companies may establish innovation hubs or research centers in strategic locations to tap into local expertise, research capabilities, and emerging technologies.

PROK’s pulley vibration analysis test rigs provide comprehensive testing under load before the pulley is sent to site.

In what ways has PROK adapted its products and services to meet the specific needs and challenges of customers in different international markets? 

Adapting products to meet the specific needs of different markets involves customization. PROK may offer product variations with features tailored to the unique requirements and environmental conditions of various industries and regions. 

The selection of materials for conveyor components is crucial. PROK may adapt its products by choosing materials that align with the specific challenges of each market, such as resistance to abrasion, corrosion, or extreme temperatures. 

What’s next? 

Recognising the need for ongoing innovation. The industry's future lies in creating smarter, more connected, energy-efficient, and environmentally conscious conveyor systems that address the challenges and expectations of the ever-evolving industrial landscape. The pursuit of these advancements will continue to drive PROK's commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for our customers. 

Integrating advanced sensors into rollers can provide real-time data on various parameters, such as temperature. Data for predictive maintenance, allowing users to address potential issues before they escalate, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency. 

Continuous research into materials engineering, discovering new, more durable and lightweight materials with a focus and pursuit of eco-friendly materials.

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