In this issue

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused rapid adjustment across all industries globally. We analyse the likely long-term impact of the crisis on the mining sector and assemble a roundtable of experts to discuss further.

Rhodium is trading at its highest level since 2008, driven by demand from the automotive industry where the precious mineral is used in toxic fume reducing catalytic converters. So how is rhodium mined and who are the big players? We find out. 

We also take a look at both Rio Tinto and Vale’s approach to iron ore and ask what the future could hold for both, consider how better compliance could benefit miners across the sector, and examine whether the ICMM's new regulations could help clean up mining.

We also round up some of the most important innovations in chemical extraction and separation technologies, speak to the authors of a report about metals trading in the ancient world, hear from Odey Asset Management about mining risk, and investigate the world's largest electric mining vehicle. 

Callum Tyndalleditor