Industrial Fans for Mine Ventilation

  • Centrifugal, Axial and Mixed Flow Fans
  • Main Mine, Auxillary and Booster Fans
  • Abrasion & Corrosion-Resistant Designs
  • Retrofit for Upgraded Energy Efficiency

The New York Blower Company designs and builds the widest array of fans and blowers in the industrial process market. nyb’s industry-leading fan selection/design software allows us to deliver the highest efficiency products and optimize life-cycle costs.

Main / Primary Fans

  • Axial - High Performance Variable and fixed Pitch Fans
  • Centrifugal - High Efficiency Airfoil and Backwards Curved Fans
  • Mixed Flow Fans

Secondary / Auxiliary Fans

  • Axial - Variable and fixed Pitch Fans
  • Centrifugal - High Efficiency Airfoil and Backwards Curved Fans
  • Mixed Flow Fans

Accessories / Other Fans

  • Dragline Cooler Fans
  • Booster Fans
  • Silencers and Acoustic Components
  • Flow Control Devices
  • As Required

The best way to ensure proper fan selection for primary, secondary and booster fans for mining applications is to speak with an experienced engineer. Detailed application information, such as flow and pressure requirements, as well as any challenges experienced with past installations, and details about the location and environment, should be provided upfront to steer selection. The New York Blower Company has the expertise and technological capabilities necessary to select the most efficient fans dependent on specific job requirements.

Contact with any questions or inquiries about current projects, or visit more information.

Our representatives work with plant engineers, maintenance and design teams to develop application-specific custom fan solutions that meet the exact requirements of the individual process. Our experienced field engineers and technicians are ready to assist, around-the-clock, for emergency repair, fan troubleshooting, fan assessment and preventative maintenance.

Further, we have the teams and technology to service, repair, and install replacement components or complete fans, regardless of the original manufacturer. Industries, processes and technologies continue to evolve. For over 130 years, The New York Blower Company continues to evolve right along with them.