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First to produce carbon-neutral ammonium nitrate

Enaex, a global premium blasting solutions partner, is actively working on the decarbonization of their products and services, and today, has achieved a significant milestone being the first producer of carbon-neutral ammonium nitrate. 

Main image: Enaex, Cachimayo Plant, Peru

Enaex, a subsidiary of the Chilean conglomerate Sigdo Koppers, has declared the launch of carbon-neutral ammonium nitrate which will be manufactured at their Cachimayo plant near the city of Cusco in Peru. Significant improvements have been implemented at this facility over the past few months to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the nitric acid plant, including using renewable energy and cutting-edge technology to bring this world-first product to market. 

The company has set a goal of manufacturing the carbon-neutral product by November of this year, pioneering the industry with the production of this product. The manufacturing process involves utilizing electrolysis to obtain hydrogen from a renewable electricity source, which is then used to produce ammonia, the primary material for ammonium nitrate.

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Vice President of HR & Sustainability, Patricia Valenzuela, explained that the production of carbon-neutral ammonium nitrate forms an integral part of the company’s strategy. “Enaex is firmly committed to sustainability, which is reflected in our history and strategic plan. We aim to humanise mining and, for over 15 years, have invested significant resources in environmental care to ensure the preservation and well-being of future generations” she said. 

Enaex is taking significant steps globally towards reducing its carbon footprint by producing carbon-neutral ammonium nitrate and they are committed to decarbonization by reducing their impact across various areas.  

Since 2009, Enaex has been measuring and managing the carbon footprint of their ammonium nitrate products using the Green House Gases Protocol methodology with a vision of reducing emissions related to ammonia. Through a collaborative partnership with their suppliers Enaex are looking to import certified clean ammonia from abroad to achieve this at their major production Planta Prillex America®, in Mejillones Chile, which utilizes 350,000t of ammonia per year.

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In parallel, Enaex have partnered with Engie to collaborate on project HyEx, a project that will replace their ammonia at Planta Prillex America® with local green ammonia produced from green hydrogen and renewable energy. 

Enaex is a prominent global organization that offers blasting services to the mining industry worldwide and is considered a leader in the industry. They specialise in rock fragmentation and production services globally with a strong presence in the main mining regions worldwide. With over a century of experience, they have established themselves in the most significant mining regions globally and supply some of the world's largest mining companies.

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