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Gold is one of the world’s most precious commodities, but its supply chain is dogged by illicit activities. A new white paper published by Thomson Reuters looks at the regulations and recommendations in South America, including those from the OECD, which seek to ensure that gold supply chains are safe and legal. We learn more about the challenges of the industry, in particular artisanal mining, in the continent.

With graphite now listed as a strategic mineral in both the US and European Union, bolstered by its use in the creation of graphene, we look at what’s next for the mineral. In Africa, we consider how a stable political environment has led to a mini boom in mining in Mozambique, and investigate whether lawsuits against Glencore regarding its conduct in the Democratic Republic of Congo could spell real trouble for the industry titan.

Finally, we find out the best practices for keeping coal miners safe from lung damage, and ask whether the industry is doing enough to protect wildlife.

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Katie Woodward, editor