In this issue

In this special issue of MINE we take a look back at the biggest stories and industry trends that have dominated headlines over the past 12 months. To find out how the industry is changing, we begin by exploring the potential impact of gold mining’s biggest merger, learn about a new competition to encourage Canadian innovators to develop new, clean technologies for crushing mined rock, and examine the safety risks facing disempowered workers.

Also in this issue, we round up the unconventional funding sources gaining traction in the market, go inside Norway’s new arctic mine, and investigate how companies are held to account when it comes to responsible mining financing.

Plus, we ask if mining lobbies are fit for purpose as global priorities shift toward sustainability, explore a potential model for sustainable space mining, and examine the challenges that arise when militaries become involved in mining projects.

And finally, we find out if the Rare Earth Industry association could reshape the industry, debate whether high profile tech companies should enter the mining space, and much more.

Eloise McLennaneditor