Your Wireless Coverage partner.

RFI provides essential wireless communications to the resource sector, delivering extended coverage for reliable voice and data. RFI’s solutions are proven in harsh and demanding environments in the mining, oil and gas industries throughout the world.

1300 000 734 (Australia only)


Wireless Coverage Solutions:

Above and Below Ground.

We have delivered solutions for:

  • Radio communications coverage enhancement
  • Cellular and Private LTE coverage enhancement
  • SCADA and Telemetry networks
  • Channelised or Broadband rebroadcast

Our significant experience covers both above or below ground coverage enhancement, across various mining environments, ensuring we are the ideal technology partner.

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RFI’s Digital Drift Technology

Carry power and data down a single coaxial cable

Extend the network into working areas using existing communications networks

Install and repair using on-site tradespeople

Works with all industrial Ethernet devices

Fibre performance with coax simplicity


Remote Monitoring

Wireless Connectivity

IP Video Survelliance

Remote Mining

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Fibre Connectivity Solutions

RFI has partnered with global leading fibre connectivity manufacturers to offer a range including:

Distribution Fibre Cable

Pre-Terminated Fibre Cable


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