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CommoditiesLatest (31/12/2020)Past month value% change on one month% change in a year
Energy related commodities

Crude oil, Brent (US$/bbl)43.2340.476.82-31.10
Crude oil, WTI (US$/bbl)41.1039.533.97-27.97
Crude oil, Dubai (US$/bbl)42.5839.707.25-30.66
Natural gas, US (US$/mmbtu)2.612.2018.52-1.58
Natural gas, Europe (US$/mmbtu)4.844.89-1.10-6.10
Liquefied natural gas, Japan (US$/mmbtu)
Coal, Australian (US$/mt)62.8258.407.57-6.22
Coal, South African (US$/mt)69.4361.0413.75-5.69
Minerals and metals

Aluminum (US$/mt)1,935.281,806.107.159.04
Iron ore, cfr spot (US$/dmtu)124.36119.783.8246.34
Copper (US$/mt)7,068.916,713.815.2920.63
Lead (US$/mt)1,915.621,776.277.85-5.22
Tin (US$/mt)18,522.4818,176.591.9013.39
Nickel (US$/mt)15,807.7315,239.363.734.19
Zinc (US$/mt)2,671.602,440.659.4610.15
Gold (U$/oz.)1,866.301,900.27-1.7926.89
Platinum (U$/oz.)911.55876.274.031.08
Silver (U$/oz.)24.0824.23-0.6240.28