Introducing the VoD-Mini 305, ShotTrack's latest Velocity of Detonation (VoD) monitor. This compact powerhouse redefines user-friendliness, boasting a sleek design and the industry's most affordable consumables. The VoD-Mini 305 sets a new standard in efficiency, blending state-of-the-art technology with portable practicality.

The new VoD-Mini 305 seamlessly connects to ShockAi, a powerful, cloud-based, reporting and analysis dashboard.

High-precision timer chip

Samples at 3.9uS
With 90 Picosecond resolution
GPS synchronized timing

Compact, light-weight and tough

Diameter - 133mm
Height - 36mm
Weight - 450g

No-fuss operation

Works with any coaxial cable up to 305m
Electronic Det Compliant: -5v Pulse


One button, auto cable detection and arming
Super fast USB-C charging

Introducing our ShockAi App, offering unrivaled control, advanced reporting, in-depth analysis, and direct upload from phone to cloud. Empower your key personnel with effortless access to valuable insights.

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