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July 2023

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South America seeking the best price for its lithium is just one symptom of a wider trend. Resource nationalism is one of the greatest driving forces in mining investment at the moment; one seems set to intensify. Alongside this, recent weeks have seen artificial intelligence cause a big buzz. In the next edition of MINE Magazine, we see how the technology can improve maintenance and operations at mines worldwide.


Editor |Matt Farmer

Deputy Editor | Smruthi Nadig

Writers | Kit Million Ross, Giles Crosse, Smruthi Nadig, Nnamdi Anyadike, Ashima Sharma

Editor - Thematic Take | Lara Virrey

Graphic Designers | Anett Arc, Noemi Balint, Miriam Garofalo, Will Ingham

Publisher | Susanne Hauner


Sales Manager | Tom McCormick
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Cover image credit: Martin Bernetti/AFP via Getty Images

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