OKO – We Don’t Just Stop Punctures…

There are products that can seal a puncture in a tyre tread – and you may know that in the tough mining environment, OKO is the World leader in tyre sealants, operating in over 100 countries across the globe. 

We deal successfully with all climates: from frozen tundra to baking-hot deserts.

OKO LifeLong is not a sealant – it is a free-flowing green liquid that reaches all areas inside a tubeless tyre and across a wheel rim, where it acts as a wheel and tyre life extender, and a tyre rubber coolant and conditioner.

Wheel Saver

LifeLong lays down a nanotechnology coating on wheel rims: and unlike some other products, it works equally well (when mobile and when at rest) to kill rust on both steel and alloy rims.

Tyre Improver

LifeLong, from the moment that it is injected into the tyre void, improves the lubricity of the tyre compound. It helps to make the rubber more flexible and eases the mounting and dismounting of the tyre. It also blocks the tyre’s tiny porous holes to maintain the correct pressure.

UV Alert

A UV component of the liquid can alert you to sidewall or O-ring leaks so you can take prompt action.