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Ohio Automation specializes in Mine Planning Software for underground mines called ICAMPS (Integrated Computer Aided Mine planning Software). We have MineSimU for mine planning that produces timing maps, tonnage reports, and much more. MineVent and MineVent 3D for mine ventilation software. MineWater to simulate water flow systems. Finally MineFire for mine ventilation in real-time to simulate what happens if a fire occurs or even if other changes occur while simulation. All of our products run inside of AutoCAD (2010 and above) so that you have the full power of AutoCAD commands at your disposal.  


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MineVent and MineVent 3D

Our most popular product is MineVent. MineVent and MineVent 3D are mining ventilation software modules that simulate the airflows (cfm) through the airways and pressures (inches H2O) at the nodes. It uses an enhanced version of the Hardy Cross Method and a second more robust engine called the Gradient Method for calculations. The program can use the actual mine map to draw the ventilation network and then use the actual branch lengths to calculate resistances using one of 10 formulas or you can enter the resistance by hand. It has special formulas for leakage branches and regulators and calculates the regulator openings. The above schematic is not any realistic mine map it is just a sample that shows how user defined branch codes (Intake, return, leak or whatever you want to name them) can have different colors and abide on different layers. It has many modification and output features. Modification features include moving and stretching branches, globally changing the branch parameters such as resistances, editing branches graphically and in list format, export to spreadsheet and more. Some of the more popular output features are List Compare to comparing the results of the last two runs to see what effects a change has on the ventilation network, Listing quantities, pressures, pressure drops, negative quantities, regulators and branch cost. The output includes the fan cost. Graphically you can draw the quantities and pressures on the network at any sizes you prefer, draw gas flow percent, color the network by parameters. MineVent supports Imperial and SI units.

Software Features

Special Features  compared

with other ventilation simulation software

Main MineVent and MineVent 3D Mining Ventilation Software Features

  •  Windows Dialog Box Interface
  • Runs Entirely Inside of AutoCAD
  • MineVent 3D allows use of all AutoCAD 3D features
  • MineVent 3D can calculate NVP from node data
  • Easy to Configure Customized Branch Colors, Defaults, Layers
  • User Defined Branch Codes (Intake, Return, Leak etc..)
  • Tabulate Quantities for selected Branch Codes
  • Move Node
  • Find Node
  • List Nodes
  • List Unused Nodes
  • Read Node File
  • Export/Import from comma sperated text files
  • Creating Fan Files, unlimited number of Fan Files
  • 99 Fan Curves for each Fan File
  • 3 to 10 Point Fan Curves
  • Copy and Paste Fan Curve Data
  • Show Fan Curves and Operating points
  • List Fans
  • Multiple Seam Support
  • Define and Modify Branches
  • Move/Stretch Branches
  • Copy Branches
  • Check for Duplicate Branches
  • List Branches
  • Calculate Resistances 10 Formulas
  • Stoppings and Leakage Calculations
  • Global Resistance Change
  • Global K Factor Change
  • Global C Value Change
  • Draw Quantity/Pressure Output on Schematic
  • Draw Gas Output on Schematic
  • List Pressure Output
  • List Quantity Output
  • List Pressure Drops
  • Display Mesh Correction -> Highlight Problem Meshes
  • Review Output Diagnostics
  • Reverse Negative Quantity Branches whole drawing or selection
  • List, View & Reverse Negative Quantity Branches
  • Edit Schematic & Change Sizes
  • Check Surveyed Data
  • Spreadsheet Reports
  • List Regulators and Calculate Regulator Opening
  • List Compare Quantities to Compare Last 2 Runs & see percent cfm and cost changes
  • Fan Cost
  • List Branch Cost
  • Hardy Cross Method
  • Gradient Method for better Convergence and Efficiency
  • Support for SI and Imperial Units
  • Convert Drawings From/To SI Units to Imperial

Special Features of MineVent to compare with other ventilation simulation software

  • Allows for a tolerance or correction factor so you have some idea how accurate the results are. For example 100 cfm, 10 cfm, 1 cfm etc..
  • Calculate Resistance 10 different formulas. With special formulas and treatment of Leakage Branches (Stoppings Formula) and Regulators.
  • Resistance formulas for Non-EQ in Parallel, Pressure and Quantity for one branch, the option to read from a survey file Pressure and Quantity formula.
  • Leakage branches which can be treated different with the Stoppings Resistance formula
  • Special formulas for Regulators and calculating the opening. Also simple Limit Quantity branches
  • Does not require a node/junction everywhere the airway bends
  • Gradient Method which gives you a second calculation engine or at least a second opinion
  • Export and import general MineVent data. Import from some other program to save you time.
  • Multiple Seams in 2D. Can use contour for the top of the ground
  • Node Manipulation easier with the List Unused nodes and Available Node Numbers. Useful to make the node numbers meaningful
  • Erasing Multiple Branches by drawing a polygon around they ones you want to get rid of
  • Move/Stretch branches to lengthen or shorten a selection around a closed polygon.
  • List Branches which allows for showing, editing, viewing and printing of branches by many filters (Type, Code, Kfactor, Resistance Formula)
  • Configure Branches which allows to set up layers for branch colors, linetypes, resistance data defaults all by code.
  • Tabulate the Quantities by code after the simulation is run.
  • Globally Change Resistance in the whole mine or by selection
  • Globally change the KFactors
  • Draw Quan/Pressure can set the decimal precision. You can move the numbers around using AutoCAD or Edit Schematic.
  • List Compare Quantities. For example you may want to see what the affect is of changing some fan, branch resistance, regulator etc... This will color up the drawing with your selection of polyline width and the percent change you want to see. Also tells the ventilation cost of the change.
  • Display Mesh Correction to show how the Hardy Cross meshes converged for the correction factor
  • Change the sizes of the nodes, attribute blocks, pressures and quantities as well as saving the fan and cfg file information with the drawing
  • Color By allows you to also set a polyline width and color by quantity, resistance, NVP, code and more.
  • Merging Networks, in case two users want to work on different parts of the map then combine. Likely other uses.
  • Ohio Automation is very responsive to request for new features/enhancements/improvements

MineFire 3D

MineFire is also mine ventilation software that runs inside of AutoCAD. MineFire has a easy to use graphical user interface to the former U.S. Bureau of Mines MFIRE version 2.20 expanded upon and improved by NIOSH to include real-time modifications, now called MFIRE 3.0.

The difference between MineVent and MineFire is that it requires more input, has more output, runs in real-time so that you can make changes while it is running or in a time table before running and it has 3 phases: Steady State, Non-Steady State and the Quasi-Equilibrium. In theory the Steady State should yield results similar to MineVent. However, MineVent is much better for Steady State ventilation and likely more accurate. MineFire can also be used to simulate ventilation networks changes such as resistance change, temperature, fan changes in real-time.

Software Features

Main MineFire 3D Software Features

  • Windows Dialog Box Interface
  • Runs Entirely Inside of AutoCAD
  • Make Changes and View Results in Real-Time
  • Easy to Configure Customized Branch Colors and Defaults
  • User Defined Branch Codes (Intake, Return, Leak etc..)
  • Move Node
  • Find Node
  • List Nodes
  • List Unused Nodes
  • Changing Node Elevations updates branches
  • Convert MineVent Drawings to MineFire
  • Creating Fan Files
  • 3 to 10 Point Fan Curves
  • List Fans
  • Full 3D
  • Define and Modify Branches
  • Move/Stretch Branches
  • Copy Branches
  • Check for Duplicate Branches
  • List Branches
  • Calculate Resistances 8 Formulas
  • Draw any Airway Parameters on Schematic at any time phase
  • Draw any Junction Parameters on Schematic at any time phase
  • Color up the Airways by any Parameter available choose Polyline thickness for draw
  • Review Output Log File for Diagnostics
  • Reverse Negative Quantity Branches
  • Review Detailed Output File in place or in NotePad
  • Edit Schematic & Change Sizes of Parameters, Node Numbers, etc..
  • Air Reversals Graphically
  • Air Recirculation Graphically
  • Critical Airway Conditions Graphically
  • Critical Junction Conditions Graphically
  • View the Fume Front Graphically
  • View the Fume Data Totals Graphically for each Time Interval
  • Fume Front Data Totals Animated
  • Fire Data Animated


MineWater is used to simulate the flow of water through complex piping systems. It is much like MineVent and has some of the same menu options and it is water instead of air. It is also similar to MineFire as it works over time as water flows through the mine so you can step through to see if a tank is empty or what the water flow (gpm) and pressures are in each pipe and node as you go through pre-determined time steps. The nodes are different they can be either a Junction where pipes join or characteristics change, a Source which is an inflow into the system, or a Sump which is a storage tank. 

Software Features

Main MineWater Software Features

  • Windows Dialog Box Interface
  • Runs Entirely Inside of AutoCAD
  • Node Types Junction, Source, Sump (Tank), Spray
  • Source can be Pool or Flow-GPM
  • Move Node
  • Find Node
  • Erase Node
  • List Nodes
  • List Unused Nodes
  • Check for Duplicate Nodes
  • Define/Edit Pumps and Pump Curves
  • 3 to 10 Pint Pump Curves
  • Pump Curves in ft or psi
  • Simple Controls
  • Run simulation over time set duration timestep etc..
  • Branch type Pipe and Pump
  • Branch open, closed or check valve
  • Color/Layer by code
  • Move Multiple Branches
  • Copy Branches
  • List Branches
  • List Pumps
  • Code for layer, color, material, diameter, condition, Coefficient
  • Draw Quan/Pres Output can be over time
  • List Pressure Output
  • List Quantity Output
  • Reverse Negative Quantity Branches
  • Edit Schematic


MineSimU is our underground mine planning software used to create many different detailed tonnage reports, timing maps, royalty reports and much more. Monthly and daily scheduling are available. It has features for longwall moves, area finish and machine shutdown, graphical calendar creation with automatic creation and holidays or certain days of the week off, shift exceptions, mining rate exceptions
and is a complete mine planning simulation software package. Geological and quality data in grid format changes are easy.

Software Features

Main MineSimU Software Features

  • AutoCAD Application, runs inside AutoCAD     
  • Windows Dialog Box Interface
  • Geological and Quality Data Analysis
  • Automated Calendar Creation
  • Mine Layouts in AutoCAD
  • Retreat Mining
  • Sub-Divided Areas
  • Detailed Mine Sequencing
  • Mining Simulations
  • Comprehensive Mapping and Reporting
  • Cost and Resource Reporting
  • Development, Bleeder and Longwalls
  • Calculate Percent Extraction
  • Up to 20 Grids and 20 Calendars
  • Seam Height Sensitive Mining
  • Adjust Rate for Difficult Conditions
  • Many Grid manipulation functions
  • Displace Grid
  • Change points in Grid selecting the area of the grid to change
  • Grid Scale Refinement
  • Combine Roof-Seam-Floor Grids
  • Pre-Mine Roof - Seam Grids
  • 14 Grid/Quality Parameters per Grid, 2 user defined
  • Quality Calculations can be Approximate, Detailed or Complex
  • Custom Name Quality/Grid Parameters
  • 3 ways to handle Out of Seam Dilution (roof/floor, min mining height, or grid)
  • Multiple Seam Support
  • Stretch Mining Areas
  • Many Ways to Manipulate Shifts (by month exceptions, area, or calendar days)
  • Many Ways to Manipulate Rates (by month exceptions, area, or machine and more)
  • Find Mining Area
  • Copy Areas
  • Add/Combine Maps
  • Draw Pillars
  • Mark Holidays in Calendar
  • View Grid/Quality Info on Drawing
  • Monthly Timing and Daily Timing
  • Schedule To Target Tonnage
  • Longwall Move Features marks days in calendars
  • Area Finish Unit Shutdown any mahines when area finishes
  • Many Options to View Timing Maps
  • Machine Change Outs
  • List Miner Unit Delays
  • Royalty Tonnage Reports
  • Many Spreadsheet Reports
  • Export Area File
  • Export Timing File
  • Export Combined File
  • Export Machine Data
  • Report Writer Support
  • Much more...