West River Conveyors + Machinery Co. builds new conveyor systems for above-ground and underground mining operations including fully customizable belt drives, tail sections, take-up units, VFD power centers, power packs, belting & structure, belt storage units, winches, and much more.

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Belt Storage Units


  • Can offer an option of belt splicing tables with power clamps to a basic storage unit design
  • Multiple lap configurations available as needed
  • Ability to work closely with West River engineers to create custom units to your preferences
  • Ability to offer storage units from the smallest to the largest
  • Custom guarding option available

Alignment-Free Drives


  • Eliminates catastrophic immediate failure of input if misaligned
  • Eliminates rapid wear of components if output is misaligned
  • Energy efficient (none wasted in transmission)
  • Reduces need for spare parts inventory
  • Bolt-together construction for ease of installation

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