Save Time and Money with the planet

The planet is the portable high-resolution X-ray powder diffractometer from xplorex ( Due to its patented design you can obtain X-ray diffraction data on-site in 20 minutes rather than only after two weeks of waiting for laboratory results.

The planet is truly portable, weighing only 24kg and running on a 24V battery pack. No infrastructure, like external cooling is needed to operate the instrument from a normal laptop.

Unlike hitherto existing portable X-ray diffractometers the planet covers a large range in scattering angles and yields the best resolution under all circumstances (typically attainable resolution approximately 0.1° 2θ). On top of that, the unmatched accuracy of the measured scattering angles yields peak positions that deviate less than 0.03° from the corresponding theoretical (read “true”) values.

These properties (range, resolution, and accuracy) make the planet the most suitable instrument for in-field X-ray diffraction analysis. Moreover, the planet can be used to analyze a wide variety of materials, ranging from Li-containing minerals, to heavily absorbing materials like U rich resources.

Xplorex GmbH is a joint-venture between three parties: HUBER Diffraktionstechnik & Co. GmbH KG, Focussing B.V. and AJK Analytical Services. Together these parties represent more than 30 years of experience in X-ray diffraction.

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