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Appreciation of the effect of changing regulations enables mine operators to proactively assess and respond to their relative exposure. A proactive response enables the operator to retain control of change processes in advance of a regulatory direction enforcing the change, the resource demand and the timeframe.
By way of example, Aspect Environmental looks at the requirements of the NSW Mining Amendment (Standard Conditions of Mining Leases – Rehabilitation) Regulation 2020 and how operators can respond and retain process control.


rucite+ is a rapidly developing producer and distributor of high active magnesium hydroxide products for the development of global industries with care for the environment.

About Brucite+

The Brucite+ brand began when the enormous potential of brucite, a unique and precious mineral which has important applications in many areas of industry and agriculture, was revealed to the world. Brucite is a naturally-occurring mineral form of magnesium hydroxide, which makes up the main component of brucite ore. In its pure form the mineral is made up of MgO (69.12%) and H2O (30.88%).

It has the highest magnesium content of the various magnesium-based minerals used in industrial applications

The range of Brucite+ products include:

  • EcoPiren® – a flame retardant and a smoke absorber for polymer compounds;
  • AgroMag® – a fertilizer, a feed additive and an anti-caking agent for
    the production of ammonium nitrate and complex fertilizers;
  • MagTreat® – a suspension for marine exhaust gas cleaning in scrubbers and wastewater treatment;
  • MagPro® – an acid scavenger and a vulcanizing agent for the production of technical rubber products and tires, a thickener for SMC/BMC;
  • BleachMag® – a suspension for pulp bleaching;
  • FluMag® – a magnesium flux for converter, electric arch and blast furnace;
  • MagAdd® – a raw material for the production of a broad range of magnesium based products.

Brucite deposits

Brucite+ mines ore at the Kuldur deposit and carries out geological exploration of the Savkinsky deposit, the largest known one in the world in terms of reserves.

The Kuldur deposit

Operations at the Kuldur brucite deposit located in the Russian Far East (the Jewish Autonomous Region) began in 1969 and as of 2021 the reserves are estimated at 7 million tons or 25 years of exploitation. The annual volume of output of brucite ore with high chemical purity at the deposit is up to 450 thousand tons. Open cast type of mining is carried out there, which allows to extract more ore in short terms with safer conditions for workers.

Using the latest mining technologies, Brucite+ ensures stringent quality control of the brucite ore during every step of the extraction. Modern crushing and XRF separation equipment allows Brucite+ to select ore of high chemical purity (up to 67% MgO) with very low levels of impurities. Sorting is done strictly in accordance with certain limits for Mg, Ca, Si and Fe compounds by machine so that human factor is excluded. Moreover, the fully equipped laboratory located at the mine conducts intensive inspections to control the ore quality, which means that only the purest lots are able to reach the production site. Each lot of 60 mt (1 railcar) is analyzed.

The Savkinsky deposit

The Savkinsky deposit also located in the Jewish Autonomous Region is currently the largest known brucite deposit anywhere in the world by volume of reserves which amount to about 22 million tons or 50 years of operation. The development of this deposit will allow to ship up to 500 thousand tons of annual production per year. By analogy with the Kuldur deposit, 5 grades of ore are to be identified, the use of modern processing methods (X-ray separation and XRT separation) is intended, the open cast mining type is to be used. The start of operations is foreseen for early 2025 according to a multi-year phased program.

Despite the pandemic all the development work at the Savkinsky deposit scheduled for 2020 was accomplished within the established time limit, meeting all sanitary and epidemiological standards. By April 2020, a road with a total length of 21 km was laid, which makes it possible to deliver all the essential equipment and materials directly to the place of geological exploration. By mid-May, the construction of an exploration camp for employees to stay have been completed. The drilling at the Savkinsky deposit was started on May, which marked the beginning of analytical work on the technological study of ores. In October 2020, ten technological samples were taken at the deposit, a preliminary assessment of which showed the potential for obtaining high-quality products. The study of ores is planned to be completed in the 2nd quarter of 2021. And then bulk tests of the sensor-based sorting method will begin. Ecological, engineering and geological surveys are planned for 2022-2023, capital mining operations are to be held in 2023-2025 alongside with the construction of infrastructure facilities.

Successful development and operation of the deposits has encouraged Brucite+ to make a decision to build a plant for processing of concentrated brucite ore in the Russian Far East. The new production site is expected to open up new markets due to its location – it is planned to market the high-quality products in South-East and East Asia.

Taking care of the environment

The main goal of Brucite+ is to discover new potential for the applications of brucite with care for the environment.

The development and exploitation programs of the Kuldur and Savkinsky deposits are aimed at protecting the environment and building a "green enterprise“. Brucite+ does its best to preserve environment for future generations of the Jewish Autonomous Region.

All Brucite+ products are environmentally friendly and made of a naturally-occurring mineral. What is more, no chemical treatment is used during the production process. Not only the products are clean and green, but also they are used for dealing with ecological problems, namely air and water pollution from plants and shipping.

Brucite+ intends to increase the eco-friendly production of brucite based products for the sake of the environment and safety of human activities.

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