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April 2024

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As decarbonisation continues to dominate corporate agendas, we review the progress mining companies have made towards their net-zero targets and the challenges they are facing. With the recent incident at Türkiye’s Copler mine bringing the risks of cyanide leeching back into the spotlight, we look into the viability of alternative methods. We also find out what American Rare Earths’ discovery of 2.34 billion metric tonnes of rare-earth elements in Wyoming could mean for the global market, explore mining investment opportunities in Angola, and take a look at digital innovation in ground engaging tools.


Acting Editor | Susanne Hauner

Writers | Kit Million Ross, Smruthi Nadig, Annabel Cossins-Smith, Heidi Vella, Andrew Tunnicliffe

Graphic Designers | Anett Arc, Noemi Balint, Will Ingham, Miriam Garofalo

Publisher | Susanne Hauner


Sales Manager | Tom McCormick
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