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Hassalls, a business unit of Pickles (Australia’s largest Auction Group) are a specialist auction, re-marketing and valuation company with primary focus on servicing the mining and industrial sector. We offer our customers a flexible approach to asset disposals based on our customer needs. We’re able to provide credible valuations through our vast team experience and intimate market knowledge.

Asset valuation and disposal

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“Hassalls’ aim is not to be all things to all people, but rather to be a specialist service provider to a specialist market.”

They have a strong and proven track record in the marketing and sales of:

Resource Industry Equipment including;

  • Coal and Iron Ore Plant
  • Camps
  • Mobile Plant
  • Civil and Infrastructure equipment
  • Vehicles and Light Commercials
  • Crushing / Quarry plant

Oil and Gas equipment including;

  • Drill Rigs
  • Well Head Plant
  • Drill Pipe
  • HDPE / Pipe
  • Measurement Equipment and Tooling

Who are they?

After an 18-year strong relationship, Australia’s leading auction and valuation specialist, Pickles, has acquired specialist mining auction house Hassalls. As a result, Hassalls has become Australia’s leading provider of asset disposal and valuation services for the nation’s resources sector. And, it’s their focus on providing expertise in “yellow metal”, mining, oil and gas only that have supported such achievement.

The Hassalls team comprises of more than 150 years of combined experience of highly specialised valuers and auctioneers. Their specialists lead with vast expertise in the valuation and sales of large calibre earthmoving, mining, civil and infrastructure; pipeline and drilling equipment.

Plus, they offer value, insight and knowledge across the disposal of industrial equipment. Their auctioneers provide an end-to-end service based on up-to-the-minute market information; right through to general advice, organisation and management.

Why Theyre Leading The Pack

Hassalls have always placed great value on their stakeholders offering exceptional value through convenience, local and global expertise—and transparency. They invest in processes, which streamline the experience for both clients and buyers. Yet, it’s their strategic location of auction sites (positioned close to qualified team members and vital resource mining hubs) that separates them from the pack.

The Hassalls team comprises of more than 150 years of combined experience of highly specialised valuers and auctioneers.

Accessibility of products and services has been crucial to meet with the demand for Hassalls’ global client base.

Hassalls Service Offerings

Event Auctions (On-Site Sales)
History has proven an ‘event’ style traditional auction consistently provides two outcomes;

  1. Complete closure of sales at a fixed date
  2. The highest interest and therefore return on asset value

The best ‘traditional sales’ occur when there’s a credible reason for the sale i.e. it’s not just someone selling part of the fleet and asking for retail.

Online Auctions
Accessibility of products and services has been crucial to meet the demand for Hassalls’ global client base. Harnessing the power of modern technology, they enable an immediate connection with buyers and sellers.

Nowadays, buyers are savvy and educated; hence why the Hassalls online selling portal was created. They developed an industry-friendly and efficient way for their customer base to make an informed purchase from anywhere in the world. Hassalls believe in making business easy for buyers and sellers they, in turn, building strong and long-term client relationships.

Online Tenders
Assets of large dollar value are successfully sold through an Expressions of Interest Tender process. From negotiation management, right through to managing the tender process by hosting the content online—including descriptions and images for easy viewing and advertising—Hassalls makes the best outcome a reality.

You can expect Hassalls to deliver on:

  • Coordinating and organising inspections
  • Collation, review and presentation of offers prior to sale finalisations
  • Mining Equipment Valuation

Valuation Services
While their domain of expertise is in mining and “yellow metal”, they’ve also valued processing plants, power generation, truck, bus and crane fleets; as well as access equipment, drilling—including exploration, work over rigs and production drills—both onshore and offshore, and agricultural equipment in and around APAC.

Hassalls provide equipment valuation and commercial advice to financiers, insolvency companies and many government departments and multinational companies. Their successful network and team facilitate large projects in a timely and efficient manner, coupled with a strategic understanding of site requirements with full induction. Strong communication with the key stakeholders is present at each location enabling efficiency on site(s). 

Hassalls has valued billions of dollars of equipment nation-wide and throughout the APAC region by focusing on the “yellow metals’’ mining sector.

The range of equipment valued includes:

  • Civil construction 
  • Transport
  • Offshore and onshore drilling
  • Quarry and manufacturing
  • The oil and gas sector

No valuation requests are dismissed. The company provides independent valuation from the largest barge to the smallest toolbox.

Valuations are taken seriously and no valuer will perform valuations unless they have passed the USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) exam successfully. USPAP holds a well-regarded reputation as a trusted valuer’s qualification to establish high standards internationally. Hassalls are stringent on valuations being accurate, concise, without contingent fees and bias.

Drawing on area-specific specialists, you can expect advice on:

  • Multinational companies
  • Insolvency companies on equipment valuations
  • Financiers

With access to a global network, Hassalls can pinpoint exactly which market requires specific equipment at any given time. The organisation travels to clients on request and do their best to offer the highest return on equipment via the network of buyers.

The company continues to perform above and beyond with thanks to their team of experts.

Hassalls is the chosen Panel Valuer for Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), Australia New Zealand Banking Group Ltd (ANZ), and National Australia Bank (NAB).

To discuss how Hassalls can support you with your valuation or auction needs, get in touch now.

Accessibility of products and services has been crucial to meet with the demand for Hassalls’ global client base.

Contact information

Hassalls Auctions
9/20 Rivergate Place 
Murarrie, QLD 4172

Tel: +61 7 3348 8411



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