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For greater material handling efficiency, safety, and productivity, you need to choose the right belt cleaner. Being an essential piece of equipment for maintenance and cleaning of conveyor belts, the main function of a belt cleaner is to remove materials that stick to the belt conveyor, protecting the belt and eliminating carryback. 

Our specialty belt cleaners include conveyor belt washing systems, belt brush cleaners, food-grade belt scrapers, water cleaners and high-temperature cleaners, all engineered for challenging conditions and unusual materials.

Durable, long-lasting belt cleaners manufactured with the highest-quality materials resulting in optimal performance. 

Martin Engineering is the worldwide leader in the development of high-performance urethanes for specialized applications, which means our primary cleaners keep conveyor systems cleaner, safer, and more effective. Our belt cleaners are also engineered to be easy to maintain, including blade replacement.

More than a matter of cleanliness, keeping conveyor belts clean is synonymous with optimizing production. Consequently, among the advantages of installing a Martin Engineering belt cleaner are:

Safety: Fugitive material accumulated under the belt can cause accidents such as dangerous employee falls. Furthermore, uncontained dust can cause health problems, ignite, and even cause explosions.

Profitability: reduce fugitive material, consequently the cost of cleaning and maintenance.

Less material loss: By scraping the belts clean in the discharge drum, the belt scraper keeps the bulk material in the right direction at the transfer points.

Durability: Remaining or runaway material damages rollers and idlers, causing belts to fray and become misaligned.

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