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When dealing with bulk material handling, efficiency, and reliability are essential. Whether it's coal, iron ore, aggregates, cement, or any other bulk material, maintaining a clean belt is mandatory for smooth operations and maximum productivity, without compromising the safety of the employees. In this matter, Martin Engineering stands out as a global leader in providing the best cleaning system on the market, revolutionizing the way industries manage their bulk material handling processes. 

At the forefront of Martin's arsenal is the CleanScrape® Primary Cleaner, a game-changer in conveyor belt cleaning technology. Unlike traditional cleaners that rely on tensioning systems and blade-to-belt pressure, CleanScrape® employs a unique combination of specially engineered tungsten blades and tensioning mechanisms. This innovative design ensures constant blade-to-belt contact, effectively removing carryback material without causing damage to the belt or splices, achieving an extremely high percentage of cleanliness.

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Martin's In-Line Primary and Secondary Cleaners are also a spectacular choice! These systems work seamlessly together to tackle even the toughest carryback challenges. The In-Line Primary Cleaner efficiently removes the bulk of the material, while the Secondary Cleaner provides a final cleaning to ensure a clean belt surface. This dual-stage approach maximizes cleaning efficiency, prolongs belt life, and minimizes downtime due to unscheduled maintenance. 

For applications demanding the highest level of cleaning performance, Martin® also provides the Orion Secondary Cleaner. Engineered with advanced tungsten carbide tips and a rugged steel construction, the Orion cleaner delivers unparalleled durability and cleaning effectiveness, even in the most abrasive and aggressive material handling environments. 

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One of the most remarkable aspects of our cleaning solutions is their versatility. Regardless of the material being handled or the operating conditions, Martin’s cleaners are designed to deliver consistent and reliable performance. Whether it's sticky clay, abrasive ores, or fine powders, our cleaners excel in keeping conveyor belts clean and free from carryback, meanwhile keeping your environment safe. 

Furthermore, our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction ensures that our cleaning solutions are continuously evolving to meet the changing needs of the industry. Through extensive research, development, and field testing, Martin® remains at the forefront of conveyor belt cleaning technology, providing customers with solutions that deliver tangible results in terms of efficiency, productivity, and cost savings.

Count on Martin Engineering to elevate your operation.

When it comes to optimizing bulk material handling operations, Martin's solutions set the standard for excellence. With industry-leading products we offer a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to meet the most demanding challenges of conveyor belt cleaning. Whether it's eliminating carryback, reducing maintenance costs, or improving overall efficiency, our products are the go-to choice for industries worldwide.

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