Flexco: Partner With The Experts In Belt Conveyor Solutions

Flexco is the leader in innovation when it comes to belt conveyor system components and accessories. What truly sets Flexco apart is that they understand that a single challenge in your belt conveyor system can halt your production entirely.

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We have learnt to understand our customers' industries and respond to their changing needs. By constantly driving technology and design, we strive to become the leader in belt conveyor solutions that maximise uptime, productivity, and safety.

We value industry relationships and believe that together with a team of industry experts, our customers will receive greater value. Hence the association: Partners in Productivity

Our Approach

Flexco partners with companies that complement each other in providing the best of the best in products and services. These companies include conveyor manufacturers, belt manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers, allied product manufacturers, industrial distributors, service companies, and others.

“We want our customers to know that when they work with Flexco they get the benefit of access to our highly valued partners as well. We will ensure that our customers have the right products and get the best possible performance from their belt. With our experienced team to advise you, you will be able to address almost any challenge.”

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Our Customers – The Reason We Are In Business

Customer Commitment is one of our core values. At the heart of this value is our expectations for how our employees, and our business partners, act every day, and what our customers can expect from their partnership with Flexco:

  • A thorough understanding and anticipation of your needs
  • Exceeded customer expectations by going the extra mile to ensure your belt conveyor system is running at the highest level of productivity
  • Customer satisfaction

Our core is connecting with our customers and helping them achieve their goals. We believe our success is measured by the success of our customer. When our customers have achieved their goals, then we have achieved ours.

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Our extensive training program is an initiative offered to all of our customers. We offer all of our customers full access to our online, in-class and on-site training options.

Our Solutions

Flexco creates belt conveyor products to help combat the most common conveyor belt system issues on site:


  • Primary cleaners
  • Secondary cleaners
  • Wash boxes
  • Spray poles
  • Ploughs


  • Skirting systems
  • Soft loading transfer chutes with Tasman Warajay Technology®
  • Impact beds


  • Trackers
  • Trainers
  • Belt positioners
  • Conveyor rollers


  • Australian made lagging, available in FRAS

Belt Maintenance tools

  • Mechanical Belt Fasteners
  • Pulley lifters
  • Belt Clamps
  • Belt lifters

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