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Air Pollution Control Technology

Luehr Filter Australia has been supplying and servicing air pollution control equipment for over 35 years and our parent company LUEHR FILTER GmbH has been operating for over 80 years and employs over 350 personnel.

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Luehr Filter has fabric filters and wet scrubbers controlling nuisance dust sources operating at mine sites including, iron ore, lead, gold, copper, vanadium and lithium mines. These include applications for crushing, screening, car dumpers, reclaim tunnel ventilation, HPGR’s, shed ventilation and transfer points.

Our unique product advantages are:

Optional horizontal and vertical orientation oval bags design with the following advantages:

Top entry dirty air inlets for the horizontal bag arrangement meaning there is no updraft resisting the settling of fine particles into the dust collection hopper, which reduces dust reinterment, lowers bag differential pressure and therefore running costs.  

Access to the bags is also easier with no lifting of horizontal hatches required and less bending to replace the bags.  Bags are also factory installed saving on-site installation time and money.  

A proven range of off-line and on-line cleaning system options including reverse air and reverse pulse.  

The unique and robust Luehr Filter off-line reverse air cleaning system which has proven itself on numerous mine sites in Western Australia and has the advantage of increased bag life (typically increasing from 3 to 5 years), lowers emissions and decreased energy usage as it lowers bag differential pressure through superior cleaning and it eliminates the need for compressors.


Full range of TREMA Verfahrenstechnik GmbH designed wet scrubbers, including centrifugal, dynamic, venturi, rotary and packed bed arrangements.

Contact information

Luehr Filter Australia Pty Ltd.

21-23 Aristoc Road,

Glen Waverley

VIC 3150

T +61 3 9550 1879


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