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HELLA uses its research, engineering and logistic expertise to produce lighting products that are designed to world class standards that can be used in mining applications all over the world. We use appropriate, proven technologies and methods to provide the mining operation with an engineering-based, application-focused, customised solution. 

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HELLA offers a comprehensive performance portfolio in the mining machinery sector that includes high-quality lighting products as well as sophisticated electrical and electronic system solutions. 

With extensive research, engineering and logistic expertise HELLA produce lighting products that are designed to world class standards that can be used in mining applications all over the world.

HELLA’s mining vehicle lighting solutions come in the form of work lights, beacons, signal lights, service lights, alarms, horns and accessories. The quality and performance of all HELLA products are carefully optimized to the specific requirements of the mining machinery sector. 

Vehicle lighting plays an important role for increasing safety, especially in the Mining industry. HELLA develops innovative lighting systems offering higher levels of driving comfort as well as optimum illumination of the working area. 

LED Worklights: The next generation.

The latest LED developments in the work light field are already so advanced, that they even outperform xenon (HID) light. Additionally, HELLA Mining LEDs offer 5.000° Kelvins temperatures, thus guaranteeing illumination levels almost matching daylight. Working under these kinds or lighting conditions is gentle on your eyes, minimizing fatigue and thus increasing safety and the productivity of Mining operations.

Throughout Ukraine, the mining industry’s general debt is estimated to be $18.7m

Ukraine’s miners have protested for years against lack of funds for investment. Credit: LongJon/Shutterstock.

HELLA Mining offers new extreme corrosion resistant worklights with a special coating named NanoSafe to improve the resistance of our Mining worklights in harsh conditions

HypaLUME Worklights:

HELLA is proud to introduce the new HypaLUME, a high output LED worklight designed specifically for heavy duty industry. Available in AC or DC power options and 3 lens patterns to suit a variety of applications. The HypaLUME has been designed to withstand the rigors of every demanding application by the HELLA Mining team.

  • Light output (measured): up to 28,000 lumen
  • Voltage input range: 100-240V AC or 24/48V DC
  • Power requirement: up to 300 Watt,
  • Colour temperature: 5,700 Kelvin
  • IP6K6, IP6K7
  • 2.0m flying lead cable
  • Ambient operating temperature: -40°C +50°C
  • Non-stick and easy to clean surface coating
  • High impact grilamid nylon lens
  • RCM, FCC and CE compliance
  • Premium aluminum housing for mining use
  • Heavy Duty stainless steel bracket
  • Mounting upright / pendant
  • Weight: 14.5kg

HELLA Mining offers new extreme corrosion resistant worklights with a special coating named NanoSafe to improve the resistance of our Mining worklights in harsh conditions. NanoSafe coating, is achieved by applying three more layers including a non-stick and easy to clean surface coating. These three additional layers lead to a much higher and longer resistance against corrosion.

HELLA also offer a range of RFCommSafe products specifically developed in recognition that some radio communication equipment can self-tune to be very sensitive in remote areas. Lamps marketed as RFCommSafe are designed to go well beyond the requirements of CISPR15, CISPR25 and UNECE Standards.

240V AC LED Floodlight Black HypaLUME-BackView

RokLUME 380 RFCommSafe N

The HELLA Mining RokLUME 380 N RFCommSafe is the perfect work light for the tough conditions in a Mining business. Featuring a powerful light engine of up to 6,500 measured lumens and comes with five different light distributions. The ZEROGLARE optical system ensures no light from oncoming traffic will be directed into the eyes of oncoming drivers eliminating the occurrence of discomfort or disability glare. The innovative optical system has a sharp horizontal cut off to control the light onto the ground in front of the vehicle and not into oncoming operator’s field of vision.

  • RFCommSafe for zero EMC emissions
  • Duty bracket resists against vibration
  • Light output (measured): Up to 6,500 lumen
  • Power requirement: max. 95 Watt
  • Colour temperature: 5,000 Kelvin
  • 24 V
  • IP 6K9K / IP 6K8 (high pressure cleaning resistant / submersible)
  • ECE-R10 approved
  • RCM compliance
  • Heavy Duty stainless steel surrounding bracket 165 mm
  • Double insulated silicone suppy cable with DT Connector
  • NanoSafe (non-stick and easy to clean surfacecoating)
  • High impact hardcoated PC lens

HELLA Mining Beacons with powerful warning effect signal to other vehicles: Please take care – work is going on around this vehicle. Characterized by outstanding quality in terms of processing and stability – the long service life and increased safety prove this!

Engineered specifically for ultra heavy-duty applications on Mining equipment and service vehicles, HELLA Mining Signal Lights offer various mounting variations, high efficiency and low power consumption. The right products to Fit and Forget!

HELLA Mining offers a comprehensive range of interior lighting for various vehicle applications and vehicle types. The interior lighting range includes EuroLED and DuraLED series, each offering durable housing and materials, completely sealed design and Multivolt electronics.

For more information or to view the extensive range of mining specific products, visit or contact your local HELLA Distributor or sales company.

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