Specialist Supplier Of Heavy Vehicle Lifting Equipment

IKON Lifting Equipment is a specialist heavy vehicle lifting and workshop equipment provider with 28 years experience in the hydraulics industry in Australia.

Famous Stertil column lifts, SKYLIFTS and other heavy lifting equipment are the backbone of this services-oriented team of professionals supporting truck, bus, mining and rail industries throughout Australia.

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hatever type of vehicle you’ve got, IKON has the lifts and hoists to get it up in the air so you can get to work as safely and quickly as possible.

Stertil-Koni EARTHLIFT column lift, uses the patented Active Energy Retrieval System. This provides you with an ecological, mobile wireless lifting solution for all of your heavy duty lifting requirements.

You get optimum productivity in the workshop. No more expensive downtime because of battery charging! The principle of the Active Energy Retrieval System is as brilliant as it is simple: to use the energy generated by the raised vehicle as it comes back down. In other words: regain the gravitational energy!

Our wireless mobile column lifts provide the ebright control solution for situations where the lifts need to be moved regularly. Using the innovative ID key, you can control up to 32 columns, each with a lifting capacity of 8.5 tons (ST 1085) or 10 tons (ST 1100) in a single setup.

In most cases, the special deep cycle batteries only need to be recharged every two weeks. No time is wasted connecting up cables and the mechanic has maximum access to the vehicle, without tripping hazard.

Stertil-Koni SKYLIFT

In the market for vehicle lift platforms for trucks and buses, the Stertil-Koni SKYLIFT has ushered in a minor revolution and is now utilised by several hundred satisfied users around the world.

The Stertil-Koni SKYLIFT is completely vertical in its lifting operation. There is no overhang, meaning that this lift takes up less space than a parallelogram vehicle lift. Due to the unique Y-shaped construction of the lift supports and base plates, the forces are diverted as effectively as possible.

This allows for a relatively light construction. Furthermore, this Y-shaped construction allows ample room for free movement under the platforms.

There are no cross beams, scissors or columns to get in the way. The mechanic is therefore able to move about freely under the platforms, something which is impossible with a traditional scissor lift.

The Stertil-Koni ECOLIFT is the industry’s first, patented, ultra-shallow, full-rise scissor in-ground lifting system. Manufactured in Streator, Illinois, USA, ECOLIFT is safe, reliable and durable.

The shallow ECOLIFT foundation has a depth of less than half of the total lifting height. The lift foundation does not require any lift components to be embedded in concrete, which minimises time and expense. Finally, this shallow foundation is the answer to situations with bedrock, high ground water or other difficult soil conditions.

Not only is the installation depth extremely low, the ECOLIFT arrives on site pre-assembled and tested. ECOLIFT is a drop-in/bolt-in design, which makes the installation a breeze. Additionally, the ECOLIFT is the only re-locatable in-ground lifting system in the world.

Made in The Netherlands

The DIAMONDLIFT telescopic

The DIAMONDLIFT telescopic piston lifts ingeniously combine these benefits and set a new benchmark for in-ground piston lifts. The DIAMONDLIFT versions give you the choice in a variety of workshop situations.

Whether you have a new build situation, a renovation and even with difficult building conditions, the DIAMONDLIFT configurations can be made to fit your specific needs.

Using the ST 4175 and ST 4250 four-post lifts, Stertil-Koni’s specialists have designed a superior solution for the heavy-duty vehicle sector, with lifting capacities of up to (2x) 25 tons. It stands out not only for the powerful and reliable lifting technology, but also for its innovative design.

This design has a number of unique features: the very low drive-on height and the complete absence of any crossbeams. This means that the ST 4175 and the ST 4250 offer the greatest possible flexibility for working on heavier vehicles.

From the longest trailer to the widest Combine Harvester, from a single axle to a ten axle articulated vehicle, Stertil-Koni wireless mobile column lifts provide the superior lifting solution.

Very versatile for lifting a wide range of agricultural machinery and vehicles safely with an ideal working height adjustable within seconds. In any suitable location, in a wireless-controlled configuration that enables synchronised lifting and lowering. Stertil-Koni mobile column lifts have the ebright Smart Control System. An easy to use touch-screen display.

Column lift capacities range from 7.5tonne to 17.5 tonne in sets of up to 32 synchronised columns for

wheel diameters up to 2160mm

StertilKONI Lifting Equipments

All StertilKONI lifting equipment are made in The Netherlands by Stertil and have Column lift capacities range from 7.5tonne to 17.5 tonne in sets of up to 32 synchronised columns for wheel diameters up to 2160mm

Headquartered in Melbourne, IKON Lifting Equipment undertakes product installations of all StertilKONI lifting equipment Australia wide and retains local service agents wherever any sales are undertaken.

Installations stretch from Albany in south west Western Australia to Darwin, Rockhampton, western Queensland, northern and western NSW, northern Victoria, the Barossa Valley, Kalgoorlie and all mainland capital cities.

Australia wide standards compliance and substantial spare parts stocking in our Melbourne warehouse ensures prompt service 24/7.

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