In this issue

While most mining is done on dry land, a number of mining vessels are in operation on coastal deposits, particularly in the diamond industry. We take a look at the world of mining ships, and speak to Wärtsilä about its plans to refit De Beers’ diamond mining ship.

We also consider the opportunities for driverless vehicles in mining operations and take a closer look at antimony following news of a new plant in Oman that could supply up to 20% of the world’s antimony market.

We find out more about a project between mining technology developer Maptek and augmented reality experts LlamaZOO that aims to create real-time 3D visualisation for mines, and explore the new Mandela mining precinct in Johannesburg, South Africa, which aims to support local innovation and address issues such as mineworkers’ health and safety.

Finally, in this last issue of 2018, we investigate the recent protests that have been taking place outside of the Amulsar mine in Armenia and the implications this could have on the country’s mining industry.

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Katie Woodward, editor