Finn Equipment Sales
Process Ventilation Systems for Mines

Finn Equipment Sales primary mission is to assist you in achieving engineering solutions for process ventilation problems. We have broad experience in mining, power, steel, foundry, recycling, wood and many other heavy process industries. Our process ventilation systems are used for controlling dust and odor issues and for other applications.

Working with outstanding experts from our principals and affiliates we are able to provide solution resources for a wide variety of needs. These include turnkey design, supply and installation of industrial dust and odor control systems; custom metal fabrication of chutes, platforms, machinery parts and ductwork; design and supply of auxiliary ventilation fans for mining and tunneling; dust and odor control misting fans and misting cannons.

Principals represented include Englo Inc (Engart Global) Dust Extraction Technology for difficult dust control problems such as for combustible dust; ADI Air Dynamics Industries custom metal fabrication, ductwork and field installation; Probe America misting fans; AiroPure odor destruction reagent and EMI Controls misting cannons.

EMI Controls V22 at Quarry Operation


EMI Controls - model V22

EMI Controls misting cannons project a long range fine spray mist for dust and odor control applications such as Demolition, Recycling and Composting, Storage and Loading, Mines, Quarries, Tunneling, Landfills, Waste Treatment Facilities and other large areas.

Model V22 features:

  • 359 degree rotation
  • Misting spray to 90 meters
  • Variable inclination
  • Remote control operation
  • Patented nozzle head
  • Lower energy usage

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