Finn Equipment Sales and Englo Inc. (Engart Global) provide turnkey design, supply and installation of dust extraction systems for mining, tunnelling and heavy industrial operations. Wet Dust Extraction Technology offers an alternative to dry fabric filter or cartridge collectors where difficult operating conditions such as combustible dust, moisture, or high-temperature conditions create problems for dry dust collection systems.

Englo Dust Extraction Technology™

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Englo engineers work with you to evaluate your unique, fugitive dust control problem. Dust sources are studied to determine where exhaust hoods can be used to contain and capture dust emissions. Equipment locations are determined, along with effective ductwork routing. Detailed 3D CAD design models are then prepared for review followed by fabrication drawings. We provide experienced turnkey installation management or installation support, along with startup assistance to help you achieve a successful project completion.

Englo dust extraction systems are operating in a wide variety of surface and underground mining and processing operations including gold, limestone, silver, potash, gypsum, coal, and others. The largest application of Englo Dust Extraction Technology has been for handling combustible coal dust at power plants. These installations are in operation at applications including conveyor transfers, tripper rooms, crusher buildings and reclaim tunnels.

A recently installed Englo system is in operation at a tunnel boring project that had been on hold for exceeding dust control requirements. Englo was able to deliver and commission a 60,000 CFM rental equipment package in about two weeks. When the unit went in service the dust problem immediately vanished and the TBM went back to work as did hundreds of idled workers.

Engart Global systems are operating at hundreds of mining and non-mining locations worldwide.

ADI Air Dynamics Industries

Air Dynamics Industries, an Englo affiliated company, designs, builds and installs custom metal fabrications and process ventilation ductwork for heavy industrial and mining operations. ADI supervisors and craftsmen have the experience, knowledge and skills to deliver quality manufacturing standards that are the highest in the fabrication industry.

Our fabrication team will shear, cut, burn or machine, then form, tack and weld, bead blast, weld and paint your fabricated products. We have automatic state of the art seam welders and AWS certified welders (GMAW MIG, TIG). We have vast experience in fabricating 304 and 316 stainless-steel heavy equipment and sheet metal products.

If you need installation services we can assist through our network of licensed mechanical contractors. ADI field engineers are available to make on-site visits to support the engineering, custom manufacturing, project management and installation throughout the US, Canada and at many locations worldwide.

ADI process ventilation engineers can field measure and design dust control systems that work for your operation. Ventilation products we offer include industrial flanged ductwork, Englo dust control systems and auxiliary ventilation fans for mines.

AiroPure Dust Control Surfactant and Odor Destructive Reagent

AiroPure ODR Odor Destructive Reagent combines with odor molecules and wipes them out completely. This unique powerful formulation is independently proven to be highly effective against an entire spectrum of malodor compounds. AiroPure eliminates offensive odors from hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, organic sulphur, nitrogen compounds, methyl mercaptan and trimethylamine. AiroPure also inhibits the growth of gram positive and gram negative bacteria such as Legionella, E Cali, MRCS, CDIFF, Listeria and more.

AiroPure also acts as a dust control surfactant and is used in combination with dust suppression systems including Probe rotary atomizer misting fans and EMI Controls misting cannons. AiroPure surfactant properties reduce water droplet surface tension to improve dust capture by up to 400%. Using AiroPure with your dust suppression delivery system has the additional benefit of protecting workers from detrimental chemistry in the water supply where the ODR formulation applies.

Probe America Misting Fans

Probe America Rotary Atomizer misting fans offer a better solution for dust and odor control. The Probe Atomizer features injection of low-pressure water into a unique high RPM rotating mesh basket screen mounted in front of the powerful Probe fan. The atomizer produces an extremely fine mist for dust control, odor control, cooling and humidification that is sprayed out to 90 feet by the Probe fan.

Probe and AiroPure products are marketed in the US and Canada by Probe America, an Englo affiliated company, under license with Probe Industries UK.

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EMI Controls Misting Cannons

EMI Controls misting cannons project long-range fine spray mist for dust control applications. When the water is atomized to very small droplets, a large surface area is created which is ideal for binding dust particles. Therefore more dust can be tackled with less water. This principle is identical for all EMI Controls dust control systems – regardless of whether it is a mobile dust-laying sprayer, a stand-alone spray system or a complete system. With their large projection range, EMI Controls misting cannons are ideal for applications including demolition, recycling and composting, storage and loading, mines, quarries and tunnelling.

Odor control is another application for long range misting cannons such as at landfills, waste treatment facilities and other large areas where fine mist combined with AiroPure ODR Odor Destructive Reagent chemically destroys odor molecules.

EMI Controls products are marketed in the US and Canada by Englo.

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