Orica is the world’s largest provider of commercial explosives and innovative blasting systems to the mining, quarrying, oil and gas and construction markets. It is also the leading supplier of sodium cyanide for gold extraction, and a specialist provider of ground support services in mining and tunnelling.

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Pre-charging using the Orica WebGenTM wireless blasting system - Eliminating the need for personnel to work in hazardous areas and improving resource recovery

Orica operates globally, servicing customers across more than 100 countries with a diverse workforce of around 11,500 employees. Throughout its history, Orica’s focus has remained the same: safety is their top priority; and they seek to differentiate their offer through expertise and innovative technology that provides the opportunity to create value for their customers.

Driven by this focus, Orica invests heavily taking the time to listen to what customers need and find ways to deliver change that positively impacts them. By delivering success to their customers and putting their customers first, Orica strives to be the trusted partner of choice in the industry. It is undeniable that to achieve this, Orica has prioritised the development and adoption of innovative technologies that create safer, predictable and more productive blast outcomes.

Orica Bulkmaster™ 7 - Smart, connected explosives delivery system

With robotics, automation and big data delivering step changes in productivity and safety in the industry today, Orica has positioned itself to transform how drill and blast unlocks mining value for its customers. Building on more than 140 years of experience and innovation in blasting, Orica is applying these new technologies to deliver intelligent and automated blasting through a range of solutions.

WebGen™, the world’s first wireless electronic blasting system, is removing people from harm’s way and redefining the possibilities for efficiency gains in mine planning. Orica have revolutionised their mobile manufacturing units and delivery systems with the new Bulkmaster™ 7, which not only carries an increased payload, but represents a significant step towards automating drill and blast operations in the future.

And Orica’s next generation BlastIQ™, pulls together the wealth of data related to blasting on-site and puts it in the hands of the teams that manage the blasts so they can ultimately improve the value they add on site while meeting regulatory compliance needs.

Orica wants to transform how drill and blast unlocks mining value for our customers, utilising digital and automated technologies to create safer, predictable and more productive blast outcomes”

Orica Chief Commercial Officer, Angus Melbourne

Orica BlastIQ™ Platform - Digital blast optimisation platform

Now more than ever, Orica sees their industry leading technology and the expertise of their people as integral to helping their customers achieve success.

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