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PR Polymers manufactures a range of premium quality drilling consumables designed to reduce fallback and reduce dust coming back through the deck.

KOOL KAP ® Deflector Systems are specifically designed to ensure your cuttings are deflected well away from the hole, reducing wasteful and costly redrilling from fallback.


Our KOOL KAP® Deflectors have been engineered with high rebound qualities.

This premium quality, UV stable, high visibility durable deflector system ensures your drilling cuttings are safely distributed away from the drilling hole, leaving you with larger particle size in your pile, rather than a mound of dust that keeps refilling your hole.

Deflector sheets are available in sizes to suit all drills and rod sizes.

As a result,

  • Your cuttings pile can be used as stemming
  • Better particle size distribution will reduce the height of your cuttings pile
  • Larger particle size and less regrind will cut down airborne respirable dust
  • Reduce your dependence on water


PR Polymers also manufactures Rod Wipers designed to be fitted around the drill rod to wipe dirt and mud off the pipe as it comes back up through the deck.

These Rod Wipers can be customized into different sizes to suit any drill deck and pipe size, reducing maintenance on drill rods and masts.

They are even more effective when used in conjunction with Deflector Cones.

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