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With an innovative range of Sizers, including the world’s most advanced Fully Mobile Sizer, MMD have been at the forefront of Mineral Sizing and revolutionary In-Pit Sizing & Conveying (IPSC) technology for over 40 years.

Key products

We specialise in:

Sizers – To break and process material

Feeders – To deliver material reliably into the Sizer

IPSC – In-Pit Sizing & Conveying technology

FULLY MOBILE SURGE LOADER – a fully autonomous, mobile feeder – designed to unlock the potential of existing truck & shovel fleets

//The Fully Mobile Surge Loader™ - an autonomous machine transforming the efficiency and productivity of truck and shovel operations.

About us

Established in 1978, MMD designed and patented the Twin Shaft MINERAL SIZER™ for the British underground coal industry.

Today, we operate a global network of more than 17 companies backed by a multifaceted team of over 600 committed and experienced professionals. The group retains full control of both design and manufacturing, allowing the ability to customise each machine and provide bespoke turnkey solutions. We work together with our customers to meet their exact needs, whilst continuing to develop new technologies and offer more sustainable ways of mining.

MMD machines have proved the ideal sizing solution for over 80 different materials in more than 70 countries, in industries such as cement, ceramics, construction, diamonds, energy, industrial minerals and precious metals. The machines’ unique ability to process both hard and wet & sticky materials, with processing capacities in excess of 14,000 TPH, has led to the delivery of over 3,500 installations globally – and counting – for some of the world’s largest mining companies.

Global mining is changing: rising costs, environmental pressures and health & safety have called time on traditional mining methods. As the industry becomes increasingly aware of the need for sustainable mining, the ecological benefits derived from the elimination or reduction of harmful greenhouse emissions and dust caused by truck and shovel methods are self-evident. MMD are focused on maximising value by reducing CapEx and OpEx costs without compromising quality or safety. We are experienced in evaluating the latest mining equipment and technology for complete material handling solutions, enabling mines to achieve their efficiency and productivity goals whilst delivering a greener approach to mining.

Latest innovations

MMD has recently brought to the market two new and exciting innovations; the world’s first Fully Mobile Surge Loader and MMD’s Bulk Ore Sorting System. The Fully Mobile Surge Loader is our latest innovation, which takes conventional truck and shovel operations to the next level, delivering up to 40% improved productivity.

MMD’s Bulk Ore Sorting System incorporates cutting edge ore analyser technology, which distinguishes between grades of material. This provides the ability to separate ore from waste at the mine face. By enabling this to happen earlier in the process trucks only need to haul ore, not waste, to the process plant. Whilst being a more efficient and sustainable mining method, the downstream advantages include less water consumption, ore upgrade, and SAG mills benefits. To date, three systems are operational with a third under construction in Brazil.

//4,500 TPH Semi-Mobile Sizer Station with twin truck bridges processing overburden in Laos.

Service and support

As a global network of companies, MMD have state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in five continents, offering service and support right from the design stage through to after-sales, including installation, commissioning, overhauls, spares and repairs. All MMD facilities are conveniently located close to major transport networks for quick access and equipment turnaround.

• Installation and commissioning.

• Project services.

• Field service.

• Spares.

• Overhauls and repairs.

Inspection services (including ultrasonic and NDT weld testing certification recognised worldwide).

• Troubleshooting.

• Maintenance contracts.

MMD provides OEM-trained service technicians for all maintenance, both on- and off-site. MMD service crews understand the equipment inside-out and have the skills and experience to ensure your machines operate efficiently and effectively. Our service teams have an excellent safety record, and are highly regarded within the industry. What’s more,with manufacturing facilities in five continents, MMD are well set up to deliver large mining equipment projects worldwide.

For large projects, MMD utilise the group’s inter-company capabilities to achieve key milestones and maintain production schedules. Each office provides a local direct point of contact to ensure that projects run smoothly, supported by a committed and dedicated global project management team.

Our services extend from initial project conceptual design and budgetary preparation through to specification development, equipment selection, detailed design engineering, manufacturing, fabrication and installation.

We are committed to continuous development, so if we don’t have a configuration available to suit an application’s particular requirements we will develop one that does.

Understanding and comparing alternative mining equipment lies at the heart of all we do. We analyse and highlight the strengths and weaknesses of equipment to enable our customers to make the right choice and select the best solution.

Worldwide, all major manufacturing facilities have proven project management capability, quality assurance and control, with ISO 9001 accreditation for established systems, policies and procedures – plus an outcome-focused culture that promotes continuous improvement.

MMD have always prided themselves on being not just a supplier but a partner, retaining a strong and well-established repeat customer base. As such, we handle commissioning, training, start-up and post-start-up support. Our operator training includes system philosophies and relocation goals, to ensure maximum equipment efficiency with full operator buy-in. What’s more, state-of-the-art cloud-based reporting and monitoring systems are integrated into system equipment, providing regular progress reporting for safety and maximum production.

In short, MMD’s worldwide structure, technical capabilities and service excellence will help ensure your system delivers optimum performance.

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