RPMGlobal’s Intelligent Asset Management software is an industry leading solution used across tier 1 mining companies, OEMs, dealer networks and contractors as a best of breed solution for Life Cycle Costing, Forecasting and Budgeting.

DLCC engine

Proprietary Dynamic Life Cycle Costing engine that provides a real-time forecast of every maintenance event and resource requirement for an asset’s life

Optimise maintenance outcomes

Drive a continuous improvement asset management culture by understanding drivers and outputs

Increase ERP value

Get the most out of your ERP through the delivery of accurate and reliable forecasts

Advanced analytics

AMT’s Advanced Asset Data analytics and powerful decision support tools identify and quantify value generating opportunities for your business

Budgeting & forecasting

Because AMT maintains a live forecast, preparing your maintenance budget takes minutes, not weeks

Measure asset performance

Analyse the drivers of asset performance to achieve better outcomes

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