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Vista® Switchgear Is Designed with Worker Safety in Mind

Mining is one of the most unique and challenging industries in which to work. Mining is often located in remote locations with increasingly unstable conditions—making power availability and reliability primary concerns. 

Innovation and the need for improvement are the driving factors behind the evolution of the mining industry, but one core area of this ever-changing industry does not waiver—its unconditional commitment to worker safety. Safety is an intrinsic part of any work environment, but mines in general are a particularly hazardous atmosphere. On a mining site, worker safety is more than just improving safety standards and the changing role of mine workers, it also applies to the quality and safety of the equipment that is used on a mining site. Production demands are also a part of the evolution and mining companies understand that in order to be safe and effective one doesn't just need safe equipment, it needs innovative forward-thinking equipment, too. 

More than half of the country’s coal mines are managed by pro-Russian separatist militia.Credit: DmyTo/Shutterstock.

More than half of the country’s coal mines are managed by pro-Russian separatist militia.

Credit: DmyTo/Shutterstock.

The Vista® Switchgear was designed with worker safety in mind. Unlike other switchgear, the Vista switchgear is designed so that operators are on one side of the equipment, and the electrical connections on the other side of the equipment. Vista switchgear’s innovative design means workers can operate the equipment with reduced exposure to medium voltage electricity. Vista switchgear also simplifies operations with its three-position switch. This means if you're in a situation where you need a specific circuit-grounded, the Vista switchgear has the ability to do this without the need for handling potentially energized cables.

The Vista switchgear provides switching and protection for your medium voltage electrical equipment. All of its key electrical components are inside of a stainless-steel welded tank making it extremely robust. While many other switchgear options are designed to sit inside an electrical house, the Vista switchgear is already environmentally hardened and requires no prescribed mechanical maintenance. The Vista switchgear can just be put in place and can operate throughout the life of your mining operation. It's one less thing to have to maintain, which is particularly important for a piece of equipment.

S&C Is the Premiere Choice for Switchgear

Incorporating any new technology into critical operations should always be done with expert assistance. By choosing S&C Electric Company’s Vista Switchgear for your mining site, you not only benefit from innovative technology but also from continued support and upfront training for operations crew and site engineers.

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