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Issue 21 • January 2022

Welcome to this year’s first issue of MINE Australia.

To start the year, we take a look at the commodities driving Australian mining. From the restart of operations at the Northern Territory’s Merlin diamond mine to the link between Korean relations and critical minerals, Australian miners are looking to secure mineral wealth at home and abroad. Yet with the typical concerns surrounding environmental responsibility and the precarious nature of international diplomacy swirling, the question remains: can projects such as these help ensure Australian mineral independence?

Elsewhere, we look ahead to the year to come, considering some of the technological, regulatory and logistical challenges that could impact Australian mining in 2022. In particular, we consider the potential impacts of a resurgence of Australian and Argentinian lithium production that could help establish both countries as important sources of an increasingly-important commodity.

We also dig deep into the Northern Territory in particular, assessing the region’s mineral and mining landscape beyond the Merlin mine, and considering what its unique geography and mineralogy could do to aid in mining production. In our final feature, we speak to Hetech about its technology-driven approach to mine monitoring, and ask if emerging technologies, and early warning systems, can help avoid some of the more dramatic mining accidents that have taken place in recent years.

For all this, and our usual range of news, views and analysis, read on.

JP Casey, editor