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09 Golden Tips for Conveyor Safety

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hile each industry and each country has its own set of rules specific to working with belt conveyors, safety best practices are very common. Evidently, it is essential to identify the specific situation of a given plant.

That means you can unload truck loads faster and get drivers back on the road more quickly.

Martin provides a wide variety of safety products and accessories for protecting workers from hazards and risks. The following list brings together the 09 top suggestions of practices that management should specify, and that employees should follow in order to improve safety around belt conveyors:

  1. Work as a team: Report all near dangerous hazards and, remember, ANY employee can stop ANY job on ANY machine at ANY time
  2. Authorization needed: All employees must be authorized and trained to perform the work, and no one is allowed to work alone
  3. Appropriate uniform and personal protective equipment (PPE): ALWAYS wear safety boots, helmet, eye and hearing protection. Use site-specific PPE and do not wear jewellery, loose clothing or long hair
  4. LOTO/BOTO: ALWAYS perform lockout, lockout, tagout, and test procedures
  5. SLAM (STOP/LOOK/ANALYZE/MANAGE): STOP: Think about the task. LOOK: Identify the risks. ANALYZE: Appropriate tools, parts and skills. MANAGE: Take the necessary steps to confirm that work is being done safely
  6. Respect the conveyor: Do not interrupt the plane of a moving conveyor with your body or tools
  7. Train yourself: Meet the job, read and understand the instructions, use the correct tools, do not overload conveyors or equipment
  8. Safety: Keep guards in place and restricted areas blocked off and locks in place. When you see something, report what you saw. Be aware of overload and traffic hazards
  9. Clean and Organized: Clean only when it is safe to clean. Remove trash, tools and discarded material. A place for everything and everything in its place.

It is important to remember that safety management begins in the corporate and organizational culture of the company. Today, however, there is no longer any doubt that a well-established and supported safety culture results in cleaner, safer and more productive operations. This, consequently, is reflected in more profitable results, better community relations and a happier work environment.

Our experts can help you make your conveyor operation cleaner, more efficient and, above all, safer. Get in touch with us so we can carry out a diagnosis on your plant.

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