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Put personnel safety first with the Arc-Killer arc quenching system!

NHP’s DF-2+ medium voltage (MV) air insulated switchgear panels feature a unique arc quenching system called the ‘Arc-Killer’, which can quench an arcing fault in less than 50ms. Such a fast arc fault clearance rate not only protects people from danger but also protects the switchgear panels from damage, ensuring maximum power availability.

Without Arc-Killer

With Arc-Killer

Furthermore, the DF-2+ panels include a visual earth switch to provide maximum safety for electrical operators and maintenance staff.

Produced in Belgium by NHP’s quality manufacturing partner, SwitchGear Company (or ‘SGC’) the DF-2+ switchgear panels have achieved a substantial install base over the last ten years, becoming the product of choice in many applications including mining, defence, airports, water treatment plants, hospitals, food and beverage manufacturing and many more.

The DF-2+’s modular design allows simple and custom-made combinations of medium voltage cubicles to be created which are suitable for primary and secondary MV applications. The combination of cubicles is unlimited, so very complex diagrams of distribution and transformer switchgear can be compiled through the endless spectrum of possibilities.

DF-2+ with the Arc-Killer provides a market leading B-FLR internal arc classification

Most MV switchgear on the market today will offer an ‘A-FL’ internal arc classification.  This means the ‘safe’ boundary to the front and lateral side of the panel is 300mm. Obviously for HV operators or maintenance staff, this is not a practical working distance. However, DF-2+ panels have an internal arc classification (IAC) to category B, FLR 20kA 1 s. (F = frontal, L = lateral, R = rear) which provides a safe working boundary of 100mm. As a result, the operator is protected against the consequences of an arc, whether they stand in front of the switchboard, next to it or behind it, allowing a truly practical working distance.

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Australia: 1300 647 647  - nhpsales@nhp.com.au

New Zealand: 0800 647 647 - sales@nhp-nz.com