Who are SYRINX?

Syrinx is a high-end multidisciplinary company who integrate science, engineering and design disciplines to solve complex problems. We have an excellent reputation with our Clients as principal-based and solution-focused sustainability and applied science consultants and have awarded nationally and internationally across our diverse fields of expertise.

In the mining and minerals processing sectors, we are leaders in sustainable remediation, water treatment and reuse and ecological restoration, with emphasis on nature-based (green) technologies, incorporation of community value, and value-generation.

We are strategists and pragmatists who integrate applied science with innovative design and a focus on future communities and economies to deliver positive legacies.

Our skills include targeted contextual research and synthesis of the global knowledge base to develop clear directions for success. As part of this, we develop trajectory criteria, completion criteria and other criteria along with custom built analysis and reporting templates to enable efficient project tracking and regulatory reporting.



A comprehensive skill-set


strategic planning and development including sustainability frameworks (biodiversity, water, energy waste, ecosystem health, community well-being, etc); strategies for integrated water management; biodiversity and rehabilitation strategies; environmental management and restoration strategies, completion criteria and end-use planning strategies.


site analysis, impact assessments, risk assessments, environmental surveys (water, soils, vegetation, fauna, wetlands, subterranean fauna), social analysis, sustainability assessments, compliance monitoring and reporting.


restoration ecology, completion criteria & mine closure; end use options; sustainability options, water treatment & reuse, treatment systems for wastewater, stormwater, industrial, mining wastewater; remediation and restoration.


green infrastructure, ecological restoration, sustainable remediation, camp/town social landscapes, end use, sustainable resource management.


strategic direction of ecological restoration works; monitoring; pilot trials, wetlands construction & monitoring; bio-engineering works.


stakeholder and community engagement.



Syrinx has a long and succesful history in the planning, management, design, implementation and monitoring of mine sites and industrial restoration and sustainable remediation projects accross Australia. Selected projects include:

Mineral Sands

Iron Ore

Gold, Copper

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