The FluxRITE demagnetisation system is the first permanently installed non-contact demagnetisation system for steel cord belts

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With over 60 years of combined experience in the Mining and Power Generation industries in Australia, PNG and the South East Asia region, VeyTech Diagnostic Services Pty Ltd can provide you with the assurance of both high-level expertise and practical understanding.

VeyTech Diagnostic Services customer focus and innovative support network of experienced personnel, delivers dedicated service based on continuous internal training and development on the products that we manufacture, install and support.

Our Products:

  • Rollers and Pulleys
  • Belt Demagnetisation System
  • Tramp Metal Detection
  • Conveyor Belt

Our Expertise

  • Site Services:
  • Conveyor Inspections/Audits.
  • Splice Quality Assurance
  • Tramp Metal Detector Servicing

Splicing Services:

  • Fabric
  • Steel Cord
  • Solid Woven
  • Mechanical Fastener
  • Hot and Cold Vulcanising

Shutdown Services:

  • Roller/Frame Change Out
  • Hard and Soft Skirt Replacement
  • Scraper Refurbishment and Replacement
  • Belt Thickness Testing
  • Belt Splicing

Diagnostic Services:

  • Conveyor Belt Splice X-Ray
  • Ultrasonic Belt Thickness Testing
  • Belt Scanning
  • Shaft, Pulley and Geometric Alignment
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Thermal Imaging

Engineering Services:

  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering Design
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • DEM Modelling and 3D Laser Scanning

How does it Work?

As the magnetised splices passes over the system the demagnetising process takes place reducing the magnetic flux to well below the levels that cause the tramp metal detectors to trip the conveyor.

The FLUXRITE system is easily installed between the tramp metal magnet and tramp metal detector. Each frame of the system is mounted to the stringer between the existing idler frames.

The FLUXRITE system is easily calibrated with our unique tri-axial adjustment system, ensuring equal distance between the belt and the conditioning heads.

Each of the FLUXRITE frames are adjusted precisely using a gauss meter to obtain maximum reduction in magnetism.

The FLUXRITE system has been designed and manufactured to withstand the harsh environment of conveyor operation. Being constructed of marine grade aluminium this ensures the system will be free from rust and requires minimal maintenance.

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